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Interview: Ben Browder Talks about Outlaws, Angels, and the Weather


Farscape and Stargate SG-1 alum Ben Browder recently starred as a frontier family man in Outlaws and Angels –available to watch now on YouTube, Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, and Amazon Video. Three bank robbers are on the run from the law, with a pair of bounty hunters (one being Luke Wilson) hot on their trail. The outlaws invade the...

Kristen Bell Hints At More Veronica Mars

Credit: Warner Bros.

Veronica Mars fans, did the recent Kickstarter-funded movie leave you wanting more? If so, you’re in luck. Kristen Bell recently spoke to TVLine about the possibility of a return to the character in the form of a limited-run mini-series, and it sounds like it might actually happen: Yes, well, yes. You know I want to be up front, because...