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Today we begin our Legion of Leia profiles of amazing women in all aspects of sci-fi. We begin with Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Ashley also started Her Universe, a company that sells sci-fi clothing for women and girls. We’re so proud to feature this awesome lady and her work!


Legion of Leia: What did playing Ahsoka Tano mean to you? How has it changed things for you?

Ashley Eckstein: Being the voice of Ahsoka has truly changed my life. Most important, it instantly gained me an entire Universe of family and friends that have my back and are forever there for me. For that, I am most grateful. Star Wars fans are some of the nicest fans out there and I consider being a part of this franchise an honor that I do not take lightly. In terms of being the voice of Ahsoka, it has been a dream come true. As an actress, I always used to play the “mean girl.” So to be the voice of a hero, a character that legions of kids now look up to is a privilege and I take that role very seriously. Ahsoka makes me want to be a hero in my personal life, too.

Legion of Leia: How did you feel about the final season of The Clone Wars?

Ashley Eckstein: I was very attached to The Clone Wars. As with every important chapter in your life that comes to an end, it’s always sad, however instead of being sad, I chose to celebrate the amazing 8 years we did have while working in the show! Some of my fondest memories come from the time I worked on The Clone Wars and we had the privilege to work on George Lucas’ last Star Wars project before his retirement. There are so many things to celebrate!

Legion of Leia: The Legion of Leia is all about promoting women in all aspects of sci-fi. We obviously know why you see yourself as one of the Legion ;), but what does it mean to you in terms of our fellow ladies of geekdom?

Ashley Eckstein: I am honored to be a part of the Legion of Leia! I am constantly inspired by the incredible women I meet at various events or online. There are so many amazing women out there being everyday heroes! We started celebrating a “Fangirl of the Day” on our website over a year ago to showcase all of these amazing women of all ages. Some girls are into the sci-fi/fantasy genre and they feel so alone. They think they are the only girl in their school or at work that’s into these so called “boys properties.” Well, that is simply not the case and we wanted to shine the spotlight on Fangirls of all ages from all over the world. It’s important to celebrate Fangirls so it becomes widely known by the mainstream population that the sci-fi/fantasy genre is for everyone. Hopefully then, our girls will no longer be bullied for liking the stuff in the “boys aisle.”

Legion of Leia: Who was the first sci-fi or fantasy character you connected with as a child?

Ashley Eckstein: LOL, most people would expect me to say Princess Leia, but I loved R2-D2! As a very young girl, I used to pretend to be R2-D2. I was also heavily influenced by Disney. My favorite is Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She was very curious and I was definitely a curious child.

Legion of Leia: What projects do you have coming up?

Ashley Eckstein: We have an exciting 3 months coming up! We are launching our very first designer jewelry line that was designed at The Sparkle Factory and Made in the USA. These are all collectible, high end pieces that will not fall apart after a couple wears. I love jewelry and I love pieces that will stand the test of time. This collection will debut this week at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends and will also be available on our website starting onMay 19th.


We will also be adding 3 new licenses by July! We are already working on designs for these licenses and I cannot wait to announce them. I think one will be a total surprise!

I am also super excited about The Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego ComicCon! We are bringing Geek Couture to SDCC and the designers we’ve chosen will blow you away! We have partnered with Hot Topic and Nerdist Industries and it’s going to be big! It’s going to feel like a fashion show right out of New York Fashion Week. It will be held in a beautiful ballroom at the Grand Hyatt right next to the convention center. Lots of surprises are in store for the show and it’s really shaping up to be a must see event. Only 1,000 seats will be available on a first come fist serve basis and it’s free to those attending ComicCon!

You can follow Ashley on Twitter: http://twitter.com/@HerUniverse and visit her site:http://heruniverse.com!

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