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You may know Adrianne Curry from her years of modeling, her win on the first season of America’s Next Top Model, or My Fair Brady. You may not know that she’s a huge fellow geek and does some of the best cosplay you’ll ever see! She’s had a show on the Stan Lee YouTube Channel, World of Heroes. She’s a huge Game of Thrones fan, plays World of Warcraft and often hosts video game conferences like E3 and Blizzcon. She’s also writing a guide book for dating! I didn’t ask when she sleeps, because I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have time! Check out what she’s got to say about cosplay, geekery, women in the sci-fi world and what she’s got coming up. Head over to Adrianne’s website: AdrianneCurry.com.

Adrianne Curry

Adrianne Curry

Legion of Leia: You’ve been a lifelong geek, but you started in reality TV and modeling. How have those worlds blended for you?

Adrianne Curry: They never really have. I still like to keep my hobbies separate from my work. Sure, I may get hired to do a small thing here and there that is nerdy, but for the most part, I just enjoy what I enjoy on the side. My reality and modeling careers have provided me the funds necessary to cosplay and buy cool busts and collectors items, so for that, I am grateful!

Legion of Leia: What sci-fi or fantasy character did you connect to first as a kid?

Adrianne Curry: For me, the first one I truly connected with to the point of obsession was Aeon Flux from the liquid television shorts on MTV. I was not allowed to watch MTV, so it was naughty and exciting. I loved the animation. I loved that she always died. When they announced that Aeon would get her own Mtv series, I literally almost killed myself. I have watched that series front to back yearly since it aired. My Grandma saved my Aeon Flux poster she used to yell at me about when I was a kid. When I asked her why she would save something she always said was skanky, she replied “Because you just love that stupid cartoon so much.” Yes I do, Grandma, and thank you!

Legion of Leia: You are my favorite cosplayer, which you already know. đŸ™‚ Can you talk a bit about getting into it, your favorite costumes and crossplay?

Adrianne Curry: I do not cosplay things I have not at one point imagined being in my life. We all day dream. I like to turn those day dreams into a reality. Why couldn’t I be the one Han Solo loves? Why can’t I toy with Trevor Goodchild? Why can’t I save the world and fall in love with Corbin Dallas? I can. I do. I am not a larpist, but I AM a model. Cosplay to me is like silent film acting. Someone takes a photo of me as Mileena from Mortal Kombat and I do my best to look and act the way she would for such a thing. When I walk into the magic that is San Diego comic con I find myself surrounded with people who love and adore the same things I do. I delight in their art as much as they do mine. This fuels me to no end. I can literally stand for hours taking pictures with and for fans. Their appreciation of a vision I had becoming my reality strikes a chord deep in my heart. I feel like a big kid. I’d say my favorite costumes so far have been Mileena, LeeLoo, Aeon Flux and Raptor Jesus. Mileena is evil. Leeloo is the Supreme Being of goodness. Aeon is a dominatrix assassin. I took those cosplays very seriously. Raptor Jesus? I have never had more fun in my entire life! I suppose Raptor Jesus is a dude, so he would be my favorite crossplay as well. I really like to depict darker, more evil characters.

Legion of Leia: We’re about to do a SDCC panel together about positive portrayals of women in pop culture. Can you share your thoughts on where we are and where it’s going?

Adrianne Curry: The age of man is over. The domination of women has begin. Every comic, every movie, almost everything is driven by the sexuality and sensuality of women. The duality of this mixed with being a bad ass gives women an edge men could never have. We are the life creators, nurturers and most epic of deceivers. As we progress on this planet we see women taking up the mantel in many things that used to be male dominated. We are the multitaskers. We forgive you all for not being quick enough to discover that we are indeed better than you. ;P

Legion of Leia: What other ladies out there should we be watching and profiling?

Adrianne Curry: Olivia Wilde. I like her. She is funny and witty without a script. She seems pretty grounded for the business she is in and I respect her for that. She also ran off to get hitched and pop out a baby when most people would probably have advised her against it at this point in her career. Respect.

Legion of Leia: I know you’re going to release “Tips to Stop Dating Ass-Hats,” which may be my favorite title ever. Tell everyone about it and what you have coming up.

Adrianne Curry: That is my working title that I hope to keep. I am writing a bad ass 20 page guidebook to be distributed electronically for super cheap. It is a funny and incredibly insightful piece on how to spot an asshat and how to stop yourself from being one. I have included mini stories of my own experience with asshats that help along my main bullet points on what to beware of. I have been told on quite a few occasions that I have a way with words, so I decided to toss them into the faces of those who would read them. I think this will be one of those fun girly reads that have you nodding your head in agreement as you sip on a glass of wine. If you have ever dated an asshole, or think you may have kinda been one, this book is for you!

Follow Adrianne on Twitter: @AdrianneCurry, on Facebook: Official Adrianne Curry and on Instagram: @AdrianneCurry.

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