Welcome to the Legion!

Legion, the Elite Eight is now live on the Geek Girl Authority. If you haven’t voted yet, get over there and check out this amazing competition. And remember, we are taking the Final Four to Comikaze tomorrow at 2 pm, where we will also crown our champion. Who will it be? Let’s take a look!


The Force was stronger for Princess Leia than Willow Rosenberg in Round 3, and Brienne of Tarth proved no match for Kitty Pryde (and Lockheed, of course). Now we have a Jedi, diplomat and leader of a galactic rebellion facing off against a mutant who kicks ass and walks through walls.

Samantha Carter continued her Cinderella story, handily defeating young Arya Stark, while Katniss fell to Donna Noble. Will the woman who saved the world be able to save her own skin, or will Samantha continue to build momentum towards the Final Four?

On the other side of the bracket, Hermione Granger defeated skeptic Dana Scully and Zoe Washburne slayed the Slayer. We now have a showdown of witch versus soldier. Will Hermione’s magic prove too much for our favorite stoic sharpshooter, or will she catch a bullet before she can even utter “Expelliarmus!”

Finally, our last competition has two beloved sci-fi heroines facing off. Ellen Ripley took down McGonagall and Kaylee Frye was too much for Sarah Connor. They’ve both used a spaceship to escape a monster–which one will escape defeat?

In conclusion, if these battles haven’t sparked nerd wars over drinks or on your Facebook page so far, then these should definitely do the trick. Happy Halloween, Legion, and happy hunting!

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