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Picking up right where the last episode left off, Episode 3 of The Walking Dead’s fifth season, “Four Walls and a Roof,” starts with Gareth once again lecturing/talking to Bob, whose leg has been cut off as food for the Terminus hunters.

As Gareth ruminates, Bob starts laughing hysterically. He reveals to Gareth and his people that he’s been bitten, and that they’re eating “tainted meat.” As the Terminus gang spit out their meals, Gareth assures them that it’s okay since they cooked him.

Meanwhile, Sasha is out looking for Bob. Rick and Tyreese meet her in the woods and tell her that Daryl and Carol are missing, too. They regroup in the church, where Sasha begins to badger Father Gabriel about what he knows. After being berated by both Sasha and Rick, he finally breaks down and tearfully recalls how his congregation came to him after the initial outbreak and, since he had locked the doors at night, were unable to get in the church. When the undead came and killed them all, Father Gabriel had to listen to them all die, and it’s haunted him ever since.

They hear a whistle and Glen looks outside to see someone outside the church. They rush outside to find an unconscious Bob. While they try to get him into the church, shots ring out at the group. Rick returns fire off into the distance, but no one is hit on either side.

When Bob comes to, he tells them where Gareth and his people were holding him, and that the Terminus people saw Daryl and Carol drive off. He also reveals to Sasha that he was bitten. They relocate Bob to Father Gabriel’s office to be comfortable while he waits for the inevitable end.

As Rick tries to strategize, Abraham announces that they all need to leave right now, since there are enemies and he can’t risk Eugene’s life. Rick and Abraham almost get into a fight over the church bus, but Glenn steps in and tells them that he and Maggie will go with Abraham the next day if Abraham stays and helps deal with the Gareth situation. Abraham agrees.


Rick reveals a plan for attacking the hunters rather than waiting around for them to come and attack the group. Father Gabriel tells them that the school Bob was being held at is just a 10-minute walk through the woods. Rick, Michonne, Abraham, Sasha, Glen, Maggie, and Tara head off into the woods. As the camera holds on the sign leading to Father Gabriel’s church for what seems an inordinately long time, we suddenly see another group of people emerge from the other side of the woods, heading towards the church: it’s the Terminus hunters. Uh oh.

The Terminus hunters break into the church, and slowly make their way through the pews. Gareth is speaking loudly to the remaining group members in the church the whole time about making it easy for themselves and just coming out, and that he knows who’s in the church because they were watching them. He then lists off every member of the group that’s still in the church. They make it to the end of the room and decide that the remaining people must be in one of the two offices at the end. As they’re about to break in the doors, two silenced gunshots ring out and kill the two Terminus hunters nearest to the offices. We hear Rick tell them to drop their guns. As Rick and his group emerge from the shadows, the Terminus hunters (now the hunted) have no choice but to comply.

Gareth begs Rick to let them live, telling them that they’ll leave and never cross paths again. He tells Rick that there must have been a reason why Rick let them live instead of just shooting them all, to which Rick replies, “We didn’t want to waste the bullets.”

Gareth once again tries to explain how they were good people once, but Rick tells him that even if they’d never cross paths again, Gareth and his people would cross SOMEONE’S path. “ Besides,” Rick says, “I already made you a promise.” He then pulls out the red-handled machete he promised Gareth he would kill him with and proceeds to put a brutal end to Gareth. Abraham, Sasha, and company join in, killing the rest of the Terminus hunters with knives and the butts of their guns, while Glenn, Maggie, and Tyreese look on in horror. Seeing their revolted looks, Rick simply says, “It could have been us.”

When it’s all over, Michonne sees her sword in one of the hunter’s packs and slowly reaches down and pulls it out. When Father Gabriel comes out of the back office and exclaims in anguish that “This is God’s house,” Maggie responds, “No. It’s just four walls and a roof.”


The next day, the entire group is gathered to say goodbye to Bob. Bob asks for a moment with Rick, and he reminds him of what he said the previous day. “Nightmares end. They shouldn’t end who you are.” A little while later, Sasha is sitting near Bob when he quietly slips away. She breaks down crying and pulls out her knife. Tyreese comes in and takes the knife from her. When she leaves the room, he slowly and quietly slips the blade into Bob’s temple.

Later, Abraham’s group is ready to leave on the church bus. He gives Rick a map with their route to DC and tells him that they should join them there. Rick says that they will, and Maggie and Michonne echo the sentiment. Then, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Glenn, Maggie, and Tara climb on the bus and drive off. Rick looks inside the map to find that Abraham has written him a message: “Sorry I was an asshole. Come to Washington. The new world’s gonna need Rick Grimes.”

Later that night, Michonne is sitting on the church steps looking at her sword when Father Gabriel comes out to join her. He tells her that reliving the horror he went through has started it all up in his mind again, and that he can hear all of his parishioners screaming again. Michonne tells him that that will never stop. “But it won’t be all the time,” she says.

Michonne hears a noise and, pulling her sword, makes her way into the woods. As she reaches the tree line, barely able to see in the dark, a figure steps out from the woods. It’s Daryl. Michonne smiles, then looks around. “Where’s Carol?” she asks.

“Come on out,” Daryl says. And before we can see who he’s talking too… fade to black. Roll credits.

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