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Something truly magical is happening over at Warner Bros right now, and no, we’re not talking about some random fantasy movie that’s in the works. Extraordinary filmmaker Guillermo del Toro tossed his hat into the ring two years back, announcing that he would be writing and hopefully directing the Justice League Dark movie titled Dark Universe.

justice league dark - dark universe

Now that’s a big leap for Warner Bros/DC Entertainment, mainly because it means they’re already looking to further expand their universe outside of the normal superhero fare as they dive more into the supernatural. Warner Bros already got their feet wet with Constantine – a show that may possibly not live long enough to see a second season – and they’re looking to keep their interests ongoing with the occult thanks to Dark Universe and The Sandman.

Today it’s been announced at Comic Book Resources that Guillermo del Toro turned in the script for the higher-ups to read as they digest their turkey during the holiday weekend. The filmmaker has dazzled audiences with his lush worlds before, from Pan’s Labyrinth to Pacific Rim.  There’s no doubt that he’ll be able to deliver in the visual department again, and Justice League Dark is the perfect comic material for him to make into a movie. Also, it’s been confirmed that viewers will be seeing John Constantine, Deadman, Zatanna and Swamp Thing on the big screen for this adaptation.

Pardon me a moment. The thought of Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark movie is making me squeal with delight. Do you feel the same or do you think somebody else should take the reigns of this movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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