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Following Tuesday night’s visit to Central City, complete with huge plot twist, (hello, Oliver’s baby mama, if only he knew) we begin part two of the Arrow/Flash crossover with Team Arrow back in Starling City, casing the home of the man with the boomerangs.

Unfortunately, the doors rigged to explode. Not wanting to disappoint, Oliver sets the explosions off, and he and Roy enter. No one’s home, except for the team of A.R.G.U.S. operatives. Much to his displeasure, Oliver correctly guesses that Boomerang Man worked for A.R.G.U.S.

Oliver and Roy head back to headquarters, where we learn Boomerang Man’s name, Digger Harkness. The man Digger killed was an A.R.G.U.S. agent. Oliver tries to pressure Diggle into asking Lyla for info, but Dig is reluctant. He feels Oliver doesn’t care about his marriage, which is true, because as Ollie states, he would if they were married. Burn!

The next day, as Felicity gets ready to leave, she gets a surprise in the form of Cisco and Caitlin from Central City. Using the excuse of wanting to pick up the arrow that killed Sara in person, Cisco reveals their real reason for being there – they want to see the toys. They NEED to see the toys, as well as the Arrow Cave (called it!) Cisco also wants to know if they have an Arrow-mobile. (Side note: the creative team needs to get on that. All they have is the black van & the motorcycles. Ollie needs an Arrow-moblie.)

Oliver is uncomfortable having Caitlin and Cisco at HQ, especially once Roy starts calling it the Arrow Cave (it’s catching!). Caitlin is intrigued by the salmon ladder. Felicity explains it’s for distracting her from work.

Meanwhile, Diggle is at an A.R.G.U.S. office, trying to get info from Lyla. Digger walks in and starts killing people with his awesome array of boomerangs. Diggle alerts Oliver, he and Roy suit up and head out.

After he takes out most of the A.R.G.U.S. agents, Digger is in a standoff with Lyla and Diggle. Just when it looks like he’s going to get the upper hand, Oliver and Roy appear, saving Lyla from a boomerang to the head. As fight ensues, and for a moment, it looks like Oliver is going to take two to the chest, but lucky for him, a blur of red and gold appears, getting them out of the way. While everyone else is staring at Barry, Digger makes his escape. Lyla then explains how Digger was once a member of the Suicide Squad. He was a part of a mission that went wrong, and with Waller being unreachable; Lyla was the one who had to make the call to sanitize (kill) the team. Digger’s head bomb must have malfunctioned, and now he was gunning for her. Oliver thinks the only safe place for her is back at the Arrow Cave.

But before they get there, we are treated to Barry using the salmon ladder and Felicity and Caitlin being distracted by it. What he lacks in shirtless-ness, he makes up for in crazy super speed. He also doesn’t see what’s so hard about it. Poor Cisco does.


While Barry makes a sushi run, the salmon ladder made him hungry, Team Arrow and Lyla arrive. Barry returns to accidentally reveal his secret identity. He thought Dig had told Lyla because they’re married (so not married). Oopsidoodle. The look on Lyla’s face is almost as priceless as Diggle’s face on The Flash.

Oliver tries to convince Barry to let him handle Digger alone, because Starling City is a much meaner place. Barry won’t take no for an answer and Oliver eventually caves. They start working the evidence, and Cisco figures out that Kaboom Boomerang (a horrible, terrible code name) got his boomerangs from a man named Klaus Marcos. They can’t locate him, so Oliver and Barry go to talk to the man who last arrested him, Quentin Lance. While Quentin has no idea where Marcos might be, he reveals that Marcos had been arrested for identity theft and he worked for the Bratva (Russian mob).

Barry, Roy, Oliver, and Diggle head out to where the Bratva run their cyber ops. Barry comes in handy as he knocks out and ties up the guards in about 5 seconds. They nab Marcos, but he won’t give up the goods on Digger. Ollie has ways of making him talk and gets a hard drive of Digger’s, but Barry is not too cool with Oliver’s methods. He calls Oliver out on it, and Oliver replies that things are darker in Starling than Central City, so harsher methods must be used. He also tries to use the list of horrible things that have happened to him, such as Tommy, Sara, and seeing his mom murdered in front of him, but Barry stops him right there. He also witnessed his mother’s murder, but he doesn’t use that as an excuse to do whatever. Oliver “apologizes” for not being as emotionally healthy as him, and then tells him that it’s either his way, or Barry can head home.


Using the hard drive, Felicity manages to figure out Digger’s location. While on the way to Digger’s location, Roy, Diggle, and Cisco share a moment. Diggle is concerned that he can’t keep the ones he loves safe anymore because of all the meta-humans and super powers, but Cisco believes that the crazies were around long before the metas and supers, so maybe they were given to the world as a way to deal with the crazy. People like Barry exist to give hope to people like Dig’s wife and daughter (NOT HIS WIFE!). Besides, it so freaking cool.

Turns out Digger’s location was a setup. All they find is a bunch of hired muscle. Digger distracted them while he backtracked the trace Felicity had used on him. You know this means the Arrow Cave was infiltrated yet again. They should really consider moving. Lyla gets badly wounded, and the guys return just in time for Barry to race her to the hospital for surgery.

Roy, Felicity, Caitlin, and Cisco mope and have a drink upstairs in the club. Thea brings it over. Cisco drools over her, but is promptly shut down by Roy and Felicity. This has been a really sobering affair for Caitlin and Cisco. They acknowledge that they haven’t been taking what Team Flash does very seriously. It’s been a game to them, complete with cute code names. The fact that they fight meta-humans has made it seem less real to them.


While they drink and brood upstairs, Oliver is doing his best brooding in the cave (could he be anymore like Batman?). Oliver thinks it’s his fault Digger came after them, because he tortured Marcos. He talks about how, while it was necessary, the torturing tears away pieces of him, and the parts he’s losing are those of Oliver Queen. All he thinks is left is the Arrow. To which Barry says Oliver is full of crap (his words, not mine, though very true). He believes it’s Oliver’s humanity, which has allowed him to survive and to desire to do good. There’s a light inside of him that keeps him alive. While he says this, everyone’s resident bright light, Felicity, comes in with a location on Digger.

They find him at the train station, where, after Barry removes the bystanders in less than 10 seconds, they find out Digger and his contingency plan. He placed 5 bombs around the city, and the options are either get rid of them or deal with him. Barry races off, while Oliver takes care of Digger. Naturally, he gets the upper hand, but he’s reluctant to torture the bomb info out of him. So, while he deals with his crisis of conscience, Barry gets to the first bomb. Turns out he can’t remove it without detonating the others. Problem. Solution: place Cisco, Felicity, Roy, and Caitlin at the other bombs and snip the wires at the same time. Risky? Yes, but it works. Digger is disappointed and tries to goad Oliver into killing him by calling him weak, but Oliver realizes he’s not weak, he has some humanity left. Now, it’s time for newly christened Captain Boomerang to find a new home in Lian Yu.


We head over to the hospital, where Diggle is waiting for Lyla to wake up. Once she does, I think you know what he does, given the running theme of the episode. That’s right, he proposes, and of course, she accepts.

At the Arrow Cave, Caitlin takes the arrow that killed Sara, Barry notices the new costume mannequin Oliver had installed for him on his next visit, and Cisco gives Ollie a new lighter and stronger jacket; they kept the old hood for sentimentality. They get ready to say goodbye, but Barry and Oliver have one last thing to do. Arrow v. Flash. Who will win? We don’t get to find out because that’s where they end the episode. ARGH!

But wait! As usual the flashback serves to highlight what is happening in the present. In this case, Waller brings Oliver to an abandoned location, where she has Katsu Cheng tied to a chair. He is a munitions expert who has planted a bomb somewhere in Hong Kong. She wants Oliver to torture the information out of him. Oliver is not comfortable with that. He tries to reason with Cheng, but fails, and the bomb goes off. Waller is pissed, especially because she thinks that Oliver not only has the capability to torture, but the talent to learn this art form. Ewwww. She gives Oliver a chance to redeem him by giving him a shot at Li Khuan Hui, who works for China White. Waller wants to know her agenda in Hong Kong. This time, Oliver doesn’t hesitate.

So, that’s the end of the epic Arrow/Flash crossover. Given how strong these episodes were, I can’t wait for the next one. I wonder how Iris, Ray Palmer, Laurel, and the rest of the gang would respond to the guys. Until next week…

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