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Marvel continues their casting for Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones, and this next bit of news is a really big deal. Fans have been dream casting Luke Cage for a long while, with hopes of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Terry Crews or Idris Elba becoming the popular superhero. Those of you who were hoping that they would be filling the role, sorry to disappoint you but it went to another equally worthy actor. Mike Colter is officially playing Luke Cage, starring alongside Krysten Ritter in the upcoming Marvel Netflix series. Colter is better known for his acting work in Halo: Nightfall and The Good Wife.

Everyone over at Marvel is naturally excited over the news as we see the cast gradually unfold for the cool new show. Marvel reports how excited Jeph Loeb is over the casting decision. “Fans have longed to see Luke Cage and in Mike we’ve found the perfect actor,” said Loeb. “Viewers will get to meet Luke Cage in ‘Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones,’ and experience why he is such an important super hero in the Marvel mythos.”

Scroll down to read the official plot synopsis for the 13-episode first season:

After a tragic ending to her short-lived super hero stint, Jessica Jones is rebuilding her personal life and career as a detective who gets pulled into cases involving people with extraordinary abilities in New York City.

Now that a couple of the main characters are cast for A.K.A. Jessica Jones, rumors are beginning to swirl around about the possible involvement of Ant-Man. At one point in time during the comics Jessica Jones and Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) date, but it eventually doesn’t work out. Since Ant-Man will be introduced to the world soon in his own movie, maybe he’ll make an appearance on this new show. You never know.

Do you agree with the casting news? Why or why not? Talk about it in the comments below.

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