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Some people out there wish that time could just speed up so they can be done with 2014. Then there are others who bide their time and hope to finish strong with this year, and this latest video montage fills that requirement. The creative folks over at Screen Junkies must have heard the phrase “Going out with a bang” with what they managed to create. They took the phrase literally and honored it through making a large montage of over-the-top explosions for every action fan to see.

Now there’s some movies that obviously fit the bill in the explosion department, such as Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Die Hard and even Caddyshack. At the same time there’s a few that are a little less recognizable, so maybe you can help us fill in the blanks. Check out the video, and after that let us know what other movies you caught in there on our comments section below:

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