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While everybody’s chattering away about the latest developments with The Walking Dead spinoff series, there’s been very little movement on AMC’s other upcoming TV show Preacher. There’s fans out there who aren’t really sure what kind of progress the show is taking at this point, that is until now. Yesterday Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg assured everyone that not only is the pilot still happening, but they’re busy at work writing up the script.

Nerd Reactor shows off the small Twitter conversation that’s got everybody abuzz over Preacher:


Preacher follows the character Jesse Custer, a preacher who’s random bond with a powerful being known as Genesis kills off his entire congregation. Now that he’s intertwined with the being, Jesse goes on a cross-country trip to find God. If you haven’t read Preacher, do yourself a favor and do that immediately. There’s got to be a bookstore near you somewhere. If not, then you can always buy it off of Comixology.

So now that fans are one step closer to seeing a Preacher television series, the next question is who will they cast for the pilot. At this point it could be anybody, but who would you like to see play Jesse Custer? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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