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TV watchers have The Walking Dead fever, and the only way they can be cured is apparently with a spinoff show. While there may not be any desperate pleads from fans to get more heavy doses of their hit television series, AMC is delivering with it’s new spinoff show.

The Celebrity Cafe confirms that actors Frank Dillane and Debnam Carey will be joining the main cast for the yet untitled Walking Dead spinoff. Dillane is set to play a young man struggling with drug addiction while Debnam will play his sister. There’s still a couple more roles to be cast, which includes the mother of the two and a random divorced man who joins their group. For the time being these fresh faces are what people will think of when it comes to this spinoff.

If you’re a Walking Dead fan who’s hoping that the spinoff will eventually cross over with the main show, think again. Co-creator Robert Kirkman and company have said that there won’t be any sort of crossover episodes anytime soon. Then again, The Walking Dead is an incredibly popular show, so there is always the possibility that the higher-ups at AMC will one day change their minds.

Will you be watching The Walking Dead spinoff when it arrives on TV or no? Give us your opinion on the news in the comments below.

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