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She’s heeeeeere. At long last, we finally get to see Katie Cassidy’s Black Canary in action. While there are still some kinks to be worked out, I think this was a decent beginning. She has to start somewhere.

We begin this week’s episode with what looks to be a flashback between Oliver and Felicity. It’s their conversation right before he left to fight Ra’s. Only, instead of Oliver walking away, he stays and professes his love for her. That’s when it turns bloody and instead of kissing the girl, Oliver starts bleeding from the mouth and we find out it was just Oliver dreaming. *Sigh. He’s still on the mountain, being cared for by Tatsu and Maseo. Tatsu reveals to Oliver that she and Maseo have not been in contact, so it’s a pretty big deal that reached out to her for Oliver’s sake. As soon as he can, Maseo plans of leaving Oliver in Tatsu’s care and returning to Nanda Parbat.

We head over to Starling City where Laurel, dressed as the Black Canary, attempts to stop an attack, but she’s a n00b and blows it. Roy has to save the day. They head to the Arrow Cave, where she receives her first crime-fighting stitches, and Roy tries to talk her out of being the Canary. Diggle emphatically concurs, but Laurel points out the Canary still causes fear. Only, as Diggle points out, it was Sara more than the Canary who caused fear. Laurel’s no Sara.

There’s a meeting over at the Mayor’s office about Brick taking over the Glades. Just as Ray recommends calling in the National Guard, Brick and his goons launch an attack to kidnap the Mayor and Aldermen. Thanks to Quentin, Ray, and Laurel, only the Aldermen are kidnapped.


In the aftermath, Felicity and Quentin discuss the lack of the Arrow, and he fills her in on the Canary’s return. She is gobsmacked, but not stupid. She knows who the new Canary is. Later on, our new Canary, plays hardball with one of the goons captured from the morning’s assault, and gets the Aldermen’s location. This new Laurel is fun.

Earlier in the day, Malcolm was seen by Roy, talking to Thea about leaving Starling. Later on, he confronts Malcolm at Thea’s. Kudos to Roy for standing up to him, because Roy looks like he’s scared witless. He points out to Malcolm that Thea will find out the truth and he’ll lose her. Malcolm puts on a good poker face, but he takes what Roy said to heart. Next time he sees Thea, he gives her a twisted version of the truth – Ra’s wants him and his family dead for his role in the Undertaking. Gotta love Thea. She still doesn’t care. She will not leave.

After the assault, Felicity helps take care of Ray, who was a little beaten up, and he admits she was right (when isn’t she) about his reasons for the A.T.O.M suit. It was about avenging Anna, but now it was something else. It was about protecting the people he cared about, mainly Felicity. Aaaaw.

Over Diggle’s strenuous objections, Roy and Laurel head out to rescue the Aldermen. Laurel manages to get two of the men free, but Brick gets the upper hand and drives off, but not before Roy sinks an arrow in him. Brick is displeased by this, so naturally he kills the remaining Alderman. Oops.

Still reeling from the botched rescue, Laurel heads over to the Mayor’s Office and sees footage of her and Roy on the news. Quentin confronts her about Sara’s “return,” but Laurel claims ignorance. Brick calls, and after citing a little Shakespeare (I need more of Vinnie Jones citing Shakespeare. It’s so right and wrong at the same time), he demands a face-to-face with the mayor to discuss a parley.

Between the death of the Alderman and lying to her father, Laurel is a mess. It takes Felicity finding her and echoing Ray’s sentiments about doing this for the people still alive to not only put Laurel back in the game but Felicity as well.

At the rendezvous point, after verbally sparring with Ray, who is there for unknown reasons, Brick tells the Mayor to pull the SCPD out of the Glades within 24 hours and he’ll return the Aldermen. Simple as that. Quentin fills Felicity in, and while they can’t expect help from the Arrow, she knows where to find a Canary.


Over at the Arrow Cave, Roy is swimming in guilt, so Diggle pulls out the vodka and a couple of glasses. He tells Roy about how he and Oliver used to share a drink after a particularly hard day. They have a moment, which is promptly ruined by Laurel and Felicity arriving to gather the team and save the day. Unfortunately, part of this requires Laurel to call her father pretending to be Sara to get intel on the Aldermen. Her heart visibly breaks as she does this, but she gets the info and they find where the Aldermen are being held.

Felicity runs back to the office and, in the best exchange of the episode, asks to borrow Ray’s helicopter, promising not to crash it. I can’t tell if he really trusts her or likes her, because he foolishly agreed. If it were me, I wouldn’t let anyone borrow my ‘copter without knowing why, but whatevs.

Diggle flies Roy and Laurel into the Glades, and this time, when they fight, they’re more in sync with each other. However, Laurel gets separated from Roy and the rescuees, and has to square off against Brick. She manages to get a decent shot in and before Brick recovers, she begins her journey to badassdom by jumping out of a window onto the ladder hanging from the helicopter.

After everyone is home safe, Felicity returns the helicopter and gives Ray a present. She fixed his nanite chip and agrees to help him because that way he might not die. Laurel goes and visits her father dressed as the Canary. He wants to get dinner, but she refuses, promising to eventually explain everything. Thea flirts with the DJ, Chase, and we find out there’s more to Chase than just being overly forward; he’s a member of the League of Assassins, keeping an eye on her and Malcolm.


In a smart move, for this week, the Hong Kong flashback was brief but packed with info and ran a perfect counterpoint to what occurred on the mountain. In Hong Kong, Maseo and Oliver go to a Triad club. China White’s men take them to her, and it’s revealed she and Maseo made a deal – the Alpha for Tatsu. He hands it over and gets Tatsu, but it turns out the Alpha’s a fake. When Oliver tries to discuss this with him, Maseo admits he thought he was giving her the real deal. He figures Waller knew he’d do something like this and switched it out. He explains that for his family, he will do anything, even if it means the death of countless others.

Which is a big change from the Maseo on the mountain. Oliver and Tatsu both try to keep him from returning to the League, but at this point, according to Tatsu, he is more Sarab than Maseo. Still, it seems like they are getting through to him. But then the League shows up and ruins everything. Maseo tries to hide Tatsu and Oliver but Tatsu is discovered, she and Maseo kill the men, and Maseo makes it look like Oliver attacked him and will inform Ra’s Oliver is still alive. Poor Maseo. He’s so torn.

And now we know the League will definitely be spending more time in Starling City. Between them and Brick and his gang, Team Arrow has their work cut out for them for the rest of the season.



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