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"Prayer for the Dying"

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On this weeks Vampire Diaries, ‘Prayer for the Dying’ centers on well, the dying. Caroline still hasn’t left her mothers side, even while sleeping. That is until weird noises start echoing through the Forbes house. The cancer patient Caroline ‘cured’ is on her doorstep, he remembers her and is a vampire.

Over in college town Damon and Elena are taking turns babysitting Kai’s comatose body…and flirting. A lot of flirting and dating making. Liv and Tyler are boning in a tiny college dorm bed, until her Dad shows up and then its an amusing scramble to get dressed and hide. Haven’t seen much of that in a long time on this show. However, Daddy has arrived to celebrate the twins birthday. Looks like the wonder twins lied a bit about when they were going to be merge ready.

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As the bad news train is steaming out of the station Stefan is able to get our cancer Vampire to Jo’s hospital for testing and help. Turns out his cancer has worsened to stage 10, which is a thing that doesn’t actually exist, and yet now he’s the undead. Well, terminally ill vampire is a new one. The train loses its ability to break when Sheriff Forbes comes through the door and realizes that she’s going to die, and pretty horrifically. Elena and Stefan soon have a conversation outside the hospital, and Elena rips Stefan a new one for not stopping Caroline. The only saving grace was Stefan going on a rant about how he had Caroline’s best interest at heart when he let her go through with it. Yay, a bit of a turn around for him lately (mopey, human-ish Stefan has never been fun).

The train is now barreling out of control when Stefan and Caroline stumble upon Cancer vampire’s hospital room and he’s trying to stab himself to death. He grabs Caroline demanding that she fix what she caused and kill him; because he can hear his tumors growing. But Damon shows up and rips out his heart, thus fulfilling the man’s wish, yet he also brings the news that all the ideas they have had to save Liz Forbes…well they’re not working AT ALL!

Caroline admits that she has killed her mother, and all it does is send her into an OCD rage and starts trying to plan the perfect memorial service for when her mom is gone. Sheriff Forbes however, and heartbreakingly upset knowing that her daughter won’t ever forgive herself for this.

Thankfully, in the flower shop Stefan ran after Caroline and pointed out that she just needs to spend time with her mother and not be off trying to do anything else. Aww, he really is coming around.

Family dinner time isn’t going any better than everyone else situation. The twins are discussing why they don’t want to kill each other, while Daddy just urges to merge. Because well they’d make an awesome merged being, that just happens to look like Luke. Seems they’re having a hard time convincing their father that Jo should be allowed to prepare for the merge.

Tyler on the other hand is trying to do something stupid, aka steal Kai’s body, because having a girlfriend for a week automatically out weighs the lives of ALL his friends. Luckily Damon steps in and stops him, but that is quickly replaced by an idea that has Damon telling Tyler that “I could kiss you right now, you beautiful moron.” (I don’t ever want to see that….ewwww).

On the flip side Damon WAKES Kai up and SOMEHOW convinces him to suck out the magic in Liz Forbes. Again Damon seems to try and save people in the most random and unexpected ways. Though, letting a serial killer loose just to give a dying woman a few extra days may not have been worth it when Liz starts to have a heart attack.

Back at the family reunion, Damon calls Liv so that he can talk to Merge Dad. Damon lets him know that if the wonder twins don’t merge that Kai will merge with Jo, because he set him free. So what does daddy do, well he takes the twins out into an alley way and tricks them into starting the merge; winning father of the year award! Tyler stops him however, by knocking him unconscious. Luke then runs away. That bodes well.

In some other random dark corner Jo and Kai are having a conversation based on how they’re going to one up the other one and trying to destroy each others lives. They’re interrupted though when Luke knocks Jo on the head and tells Kai they’re going to merge. Looks like the Parker boys may be a match. They’re definitely the opposites. The one who wants to kill everyone and the one who will do anything to save his sisters. They both pass out though.

Liz Forbes dies and before Caroline can get back to her. The whole scene is inter cut with a vision of Liz trying to say goodbye to Caroline in their home, but her daughter doesn’t answer her. when Caroline reaches the hospital room and finds her mom flat lining the whole moment is heartbreaking. Suddenly though Liz wakes up, and she’s alive.

The whole moment with Liz Forbes rocks Elena’s world, as her best friends mother almost died in her arms. So she runs out of the hospital room as fast as she can, and Damon runs after her. Elena doesn’t waste another minute of her life, as it could disappear at any moment and so she kisses Damon; by passing her speech earlier in the episode about wanting to start at the beginning. Damon’s A OK with it all!

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.20.55 PM
In a super sad, but awesome moment, Momma Bear Forbes gives Stefan a lecture about how when she’s gone he better take care of Caroline. Because she’s going to need someone (That’s it tell him!!!).

At the end of the night, all these nice moments are overshadowed by Kai emerging from the merging successful. Though Luke woke up first, he dies in the moments after looking up at his big sister Jo.

Kai is on the loose, and this episode racked up a body count at 2. Next week…Kai the ALL POWERFUL!!!!!!

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  • One thing I took from this epsidoe is the depth and intensity of how Liz woke back up after officially dying after seeing Caroline’s face monstrous. I wondered if Liz feared Caroline saw herself as the monster in the saying goodbye scene/dream and needed to be sure Caroline wasn’t going to blame herself for giving Liz her blood after she died. She felt it was her final debt/duty to her daughter to make sure she was going to be okay, and like hell if she was dying a moment before!

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