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This week starts off where we left off last week with Camille fleeing the scene of the house annihilation with Hope. Who, by the way is STILL turned around the wrong way in her car seat for a child under a year old. You’d think that with the track record of car wrecks in the world of The Vampire Diaries proper child restraints would be more of a priority. Anyway, Camillie stops at a gas station to find a pay phone (probably the most unrealistic goal we’ve seen in the Originals yet) and to calm down a very upset little Hope. Out of the shadows comes Elijah (whose clothes somehow survived the explosion along with him) and they quickly return to the car to flee the area.

Next we get a small update on Josh who is dealing with some guilt over attacking Aidan. Davina assures him that things will be ok and that he shouldn’t wory. Enter Kol/Kaleb, who walks in and sends Josh on his way with a blood bag. Davina is not happy with Kol for not calling her (because you know… teenage priorities) and Kol tries to smooth things over by promising to continue to help her make the dagger that will take out Klaus without killing all of his vampire line.

In the woods Jackson and Aidan are talking about how to smooth things over with all the wolves that will be outraged over the deaths of their alphas. Klaus then shows up and throws down a bloody bag he explains is full of the heads of the wolves that refused to give up their loyalty to Finn. A small pissing match between the two ends with Klaus jovially telling Jackson to clean up and get ready for his wedding that night. At least Jackson recognizes that in Klaus’s own way he was trying to be nice no matter how twisted of a gesture it might have been.

A cut away to a morgue gives us Freya (Can we just bask in the glow of the most interesting plot point this season? What is her endgame? I NEED TO KNOW!!) performing some magic on a grotesquely burned Finn. The scene cuts back and forth between Freya performing her spell, and Kol and Davina performing the “kill Klaus without hurting my friends” spell on a dagger. Kol and Davina (who really should learn to let stuff go) are seemingly successful in their spell and making out begins. At the end of Freya’s spell Finn wakes up and take a deep, gasping breath. At the moment she finishes her spell a cut to Kol reveals that his nose is bleeding. He assures Davina that there’s nothing wrong and convinces her to hold off the stabbing long enough to celebrate and go to Jackson and Hayley’s wedding with him. She agrees if he agrees to dance with her at the wedding. After she walks out of the room, Kol calls Rebekah and says he needs “a favor”.

Back at the compound, Hayley is starting to get ready for her wedding. Rebekah gives her wedding dress that she would have worn had she ever gotten married. She also informs Hayley that she has to help Kol  with something and will miss the wedding. Hayley asks if Rebekah has informed Marcel yet of her new identity and Rebekah says that she’s put it off since she’s not sure how long she’s going to keep that body. Rebekah also compliments Hayley, saying that no matter what else Hayley may be, she is also a Mikaelson. Hayley’s response is the best ever: “That would be a compliment if it didn’t link me to so many homicidal manicacs.”

In an alley we see Josh run up to Aidan for a hug and an apology. Aidan tells Josh that they need a “timeout” for Josh’s safety. Josh reminds Aidan how unsafe life is for him in general and that the wolves being able to turn when they want isn’t going to make that any worse. Basically Josh doesn’t buy the whole “it’s not safe” story and assumes that Aidan just doesn’t want to look bad to his werewolf buddies by dating a vampire. Aidan protests that isn’t the case but Josh storms off anyway. This whole plotline seems forced to me, honestly. I’m so happy to see a gay couple so prominently featured, but it just feels as if they threw them in there for filler without adding any real substance to the plot. In the writers’ defense though, I’m not sure what else they really could do with the characters.

Wedding preparations are on at full force at the compound. Jackson asks Hayley if she’s getting cold feet to which she replies that it is what’s best for everyone and she stands by her decision. Klaus walks in and brings Hayley to Hope. He explains that there’s going to be no more running. He then walks up to his bedroom for a drink and Elijah comes in to talk to him. Klaus expresses concerns that Elijah may try to stop the wedding due to his feelings for Hayley. Elijah counters by expressing concerns that Klaus has bullied Hayley into the wedding. They both agree that family needs to come first and Klaus exits the room confident that he’s gotten his point across (his point being “don’t c**kblock this wedding or we’re going to have issues).

We are then shown Kol and Rebekah trying to lift the hex off of Kol so he won’t die. They aren’t successful and we get a real moment of Kol stating how much more he enjoyed “this go around” at life as a witch and not a vampire. I have to admit, as much as I’ve hated Kol in the past for being a little sh*t I do kind of feel for him now. I hope he gets fixed cause I’d like to see him around more.

As Hayley is getting ready for her big day Elijah comes in to talk to her. He says that he doesn’t want to talk her out of her decision (yeah right) but that he does want to tell her how he feels. She stops him because she doesn’t want to hear it. She lets him know that she had been waiting this whole time to hear him say how he felt but now is just a little late. Elijah sheds a single tear and walks out. I am going to have “Single Man Tear” from the Supernatural 200th episode stuck in my head all day now.

After a brief talk between Jackson and Aidan about the peace between vampires and wolves, Hayley walks in dressed in full bride garb. Hayley begins helping Jackson with his tie and she lets him know that she was nervous and she wanted to see him. Jackson then gives her a necklace (which is really ugly by the way) shaped like the crescent moon with a moss agate (apparently her mineral totem) stone in it. He tells her since she’s wearing someone else’s dress to get married in someone else’s house she should have something that is just her own.


The wedding begins and the room is packed. Hayley is beautiful, the music playing is beautiful, and the feels start flowing. If there is one thing this show knows how to do well it’s bring the feels. As the wedding finishes and Jackson kisses the bride you can see the eyes of all the wolves in the room glow slightly, signifying that the wedding worked and all the wolves will be able to turn at will. Klaus seems to be over joyed and Elijah calls him out as hiding something. Klaus informs him of his plan to kill Jackson and even though Elijah protests, Klaus suspects that Elijah wants the same thing. While the wedding celebration is going on in the streets, Elijah comes to talk to Klaus again and informs him that he will stop Klaus from harming Jackson so long as Jackson brings Hayley any joy. He throws Klaus’s daddy issues into his face and tells him that he’s only acting this way because he’s scared Jackson will be a better father for Hope. Then we get another speech about how Elijah won’t stand by Klaus as he does something bad. How many times have we heard that one now? Yeah… I don’t think it’s going to stick this time, either.

Down in the streets we see Davina and Josh talking about how great everything is going to be now the wolves have their superpowers. Davina sees Kol in an alley looking almost as if he just got out of a bar fight. She walks over to him and he comes clean about the hex that Finn put on him and he lets her know he doesn’t have much time left. Right after this we get a short scene of Camille holding Hope (who is a ridiculously cute baby… I swear the CW doesn’t hire actors… they breed them in a lab somewhere… they are ALL ridiculously good looking) and Klaus walks in to check on them. Camille lets Klaus know that Hope is teething and she encourages him to hold his daughter. Klaus takes Hope downstairs to the reception where everyone is dancing and Josh and Aidan share a kiss. He introduces Hope to the crowd (which becomes full of confused faces) and proposes a toast to Hayley and Jackson. He even offers for them to live at the compound. He does all of this with his “I’m seemingly nice but really I’m going to rip all of your heads off and poop down your necks” smile that Klaus always pulls off all too well. Even Elijah seems confused by the gesture. Who knows what really goes on in Klaus’s mind? I never do and I love it.

At witch headquarters Rebekah and Davina are quickly searching for a cure for Kol to no avail. Kol, knowing his time is short, offers Davina the dance he had promised her earlier in exchange for going to the wedding with him. The scene quickly cuts to Hayley apologizing to Elijah for not knowing Klaus would ask her and Jackson to stay with them in the house. She lets Elijah know that doesn’t mean he has to move out but before he can respond Rebekah (how much do I miss Claire Holt by the way? Not that I just dislike Rebekah 2.0 but I just love Claire that much) walks up on them to tell them about Kol. The trio goes to Klaus, who is watching over Hope, and let him know of the situation with Kol. The three Mikaelsons walk out of the house but as they walk through the reception Marcel sees Rebekah 2.0 and recognizes her for whom she really is. We then see Kol and Davina sharing their last dance and a sweet moment. Kol starts to cough and Davina asks him if he’s ok (NO HE’S DYING DUH) and after he reassures her that he is he walks off to take a moment by himself. Before he gets completely away Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah walk up and Klaus informs Kol that “always and forever isn’t something you can just weasel your way out of” and we get the feeling that Kol is going to be all right. After a very short “blah blah I married you for me blah blah look how sweet we are” moment between Hayley and Jackson back at the compound we cut back to the cemetery where Davina, Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah are trying to fix Kol. The spell they try still doesn’t work but Rebekah lets Kol know that she will not leave her witch body until she has brought Kol’s spirit back from the other side. I’m not sure how well that will work for them seeing as how in The Vampire Diaries the supernatural other side doesn’t exist anymore, but I’m sure they’ll figure that out. Kol says his goodbyes to everyone and there are many tears shed.

The final scene we finally get to see what was going on with Freya and Finn in that morgue. She tells Finn that she healed him and brought him back using the pendant that she gave to Finn. She also informs him that Dahlia is a super witch and is coming and will take what is hers in the form of Klaus’s child.

Overall this was a good episode. I think this is the most action they’ve packed into a single episode in a long time. So much happened. I’m so excited to see how the whole Freya arc pans out I don’t know what to do with myself. My hope is that she will help her other siblings in protecting the babe Hope from Dahlia. My concern, however, is that she seems to be siding herself with Finn. I keep thinking to myself though that with that much power surely they aren’t going to side against Klaus and our other heroes, because that fight just wouldn’t be fair. I guess we will all have to tune in next week to see.

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