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“One could have called that shape a woman or a boy: for it seemed neither and seemed both.”

The episode opens with Sean Renard having flashbacks of being shot as he wakes up covered in blood.

At a Portland bar, a beautiful woman (Stacy) picks up a man with story about her husband leaving her. The man consoles her and readily agrees to go to what he believes to be her condo with her but when she steps away to the bathroom to get into something more comfortable, her husband (Linus) bursts in with a gun, threatening to shoot the man in jealous rage.




The man offers Linus money, which Linus reluctantly accepts. When the man flees however, he realizes that he forgot his phone. He then sees Stacy fleeing and confronts her on the street. Stacy woges into something slimy and rubs her face against his, burning him with an acid like substance on her face.

When the detectives and Wu arrive at the crime scene, they find the victim’s wallet, full of money. They trace the victim’s phone to the condo where Stacy brought the victim. The manager of the building explains that an attractive woman rents the condo.

At the precinct, Wu reports that a fingerprint found at scene of the crime matches that of Linus Balouzian (a conman).

Elsewhere in a hotel in Portland, Linus yells at Stacy, the two have an argument although they are never in the same room with each other.

Cut to the Spice Shop, Renard, desperate to find relief, asks Rosalee about the spell book that Adalind used and informs Monrosalee about his predicament.


Throughout the episode, Nick is desperately trying to get in touch with Juliette, he tries her cell but his calls are going to voicemail. Juliette had spent the night in her car and isn’t returning his calls.

At the trailer Nick confesses to having problems with Juliette as Hank finds an entry in the Grimm Diaries about the Huntha Lami Muuaji, flatworm-like wesen, who are in male/female pairs. The book states that no female was ever captured.

When Renard returns home, he gets a surprise visit from Juliette, who asks to stay with someone who “understands” her. While Sean is uncomfortable with her request, he asks her to help him open the spell book, as only a Hexenbiest can open it with Hexenbiest blood. When she stabs her own hand and drips blood on it, she is able to open the book.

In the meantime Nick & Hank ask to use Monroe as bait for Stacy. When Monroe arrives at the bar, he doesn’t have to wait too long before Stacy approaches him. She tells him a similar story as she did her first victim and convinces him to come home with her. Stacy brings Monroe back to an apartment and starts undressing. The three cops wait outside for Linus but there is no sign of him. Suddenly, Linus bursts into the room with Monroe, who is able to frantically signal for help. The cops bust inside as Linus escapes though the window, Nick in pursuit. Not long after, Linus woges into Stacy and runs away. When Nick finds Stacy’s earrings in Linus’ coat, Nick figures that they are one person. As the team plans to trap Stacy/Linus in the Linus state in order to stop the two from woging and poisoning others with their viscous toxic skin, the team would have to inject Linus with testosterone darts.

Elsewhere, Adalind gets the results of a home pregnancy test and decides to “find another father” for her baby by trying to sleep with Viktor but Viktor is being sent back to Vienna by his father, King Frederick.

When the detectives see Stacy leave a bar with a new unsuspecting victim, Wu intervenes in order to separate them. As Stacy walks off Nick and Hank confront her. Stacy woges into the wormy-slimy state, as Nick and Hank shoot it with the darts, causing the Wesen to woge into Linus, still wearing Stacy’s dress.


At the precinct Linus confesses and tries to woge into Stacy, but is unable to do it due to the effects of the hormone injections and is distraught at this discovery.

The episode ends at Nick’s house where a distraught Nick is drinking, as he is remembering the better times with Juliette.


Psychological evaluation

At first glance the case of Stacy-Linus, the Huntha Lami Muuaji, seems similar to Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder). After all, these Wesen have two separate personalities. Let’s take a look to see what Dissociative Identity Disorder is and how it’s diagnosed and then we can compare what we know of the Huntha Lami Muuaji Wesen to see if they tend to fit this diagnosis.

Dissociative Identity Disorder is diagnosed when:

  1. There are two or more distinct personalities present
  2. The person experiences amnesia about personal information or events
  3. The individual must be significantly distressed and impaired as a result of this disorder
  4. These personalities are not caused by religious practice, substance use, or medical conditions, such as seizures.

In addition, people with DID often suffer from depersonalization (“out of body experiences”) and derealization (feeling that the world isn’t real).

The Wesen portrayed in this episode did seem to have two distinct personalities, however, this Wesen did not seem to have any difficulty with his/her memory. In fact, both Stacy and Linus were able to engage in a full dialogue and (at least in some sense) cooperate together. This hardly happens in people with DID. In addition, the Huntha Lami Muuaji did not seem to be distressed about having two personalities. On the contrary, when Linus was not able to woge into Stacy that was when he became distraught.

Although it does not look like the Huntha Lami Muuaji suffer from DID, their depiction on this episode was a very interesting one. I hope that this Wesen is going to reoccur. And speaking of reoccurring, Sean seems to be having reoccurring nightmares and flashbacks from the shooting. There clearly seems to be some black juju going on but I’m wondering if at least a part of it might have to do with the trauma he experienced when he was shot. Could Renard be experiencing PTSD? We’ll keep you up to date at the Legion of Leia.

Dr. Janina Scarlet is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, a scientist, and a full time geek. She uses Superhero Therapy to help patients with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and chronic pain to become the very best versions of themselves and become their own heroes. She can be reached via Twitter @shadowquill, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Shadow.Scarletl, or via her website at www.superhero-therapy.com

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Dr. Janina Scarlet

Dr. Janina Scarlet is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, a scientist, and a full time geek. She uses Superhero Therapy to help patients with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and PTSD at the Center for Stress and Anxiety Management and Sharp Memorial Hospital. Dr. Scarlet also teaches at Alliant International University, San Diego. Her book, Superhero Therapy, is expected to be released in 2016 with Little, Brown Book Group.If you would like to learn more about Superhero Therapy, please feel free to contact Dr. Janina Scarlet via Twitter@shadowquill, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Shadow.Scarletl, or via her website at www.superhero-therapy.com

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