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We here at Legion of Leia were privileged to speak with Anna Silk, the strong and kick-ass succubus Bo, about the upcoming final season of ‘Lost Girl’. With four successful seasons under her belt, and a 5th and final season about to air, Anna Silk sat down with Legion contributor Dash Wilder to discuss the end of the cult hit ‘Lost Girl’ and her thoughts on her characters journey.

Lost Girl - Season 5

D: Now that you have wrapped on the final season of Lost Girl, what are you most excited by, in the new season, for the viewers see?

Anna: Well, you know I feel like every season of Lost Girl has sorta evolved in such a great way, it was just sorta natural, and I feel like our final season was really able to tell the story we wanted to tell and wrap up the show in a way that felt really good for everybody. So I’m really excited for viewers to see it, because I feel like they’ll be on board with Bo, once again. Its really, its so many great story lines that have to sorta find their end, and/or their beginning, who knows. I’m really excited for viewers to see where we take the show this season.

D: Is there anything you wished could have happened in the final season, or do you feel that this season was able to wrap up most of the loose ends left hanging by previous seasons?

Anna: No, I have to say that I had so much fun this season. I think that knowing it was our last we just sorta took in every moment. We have always had really great show runners, and this season we had Michael grassy was our show runner. He was new to us in that capacity and he really to us to a really strong finish. I always wanted Bo to find her true power, which is something we have been leading to for many seasons. I also wanted Bo to not forget her human side. Which was really, really important to me. So, I feel like all of that sorta happened, in different capacities. I’m not going to go into the details. But that was really satisfying to me. We just walked away so strong and so happy.

D: Last season Bo lost two of her closest friends really, really quickly, and vowing to at least get Kenzie back. What type of head space do you feel Bo is in, going into this season with?

Anna: Well season 5 picks up shortly after where season 4 leads off. So you can only imagine Bo at the end of season 4. She is on a mission, one of the things I love about Bo this season is she’s so clear headed and so obviously the beginning is to get Kenzie back. That’s her goal and everyone you know knows what Bo is like, she’s not going to stop at anything to make that happen. So she starts off with a lot of high energy and the first two episodes are actually a two-parter. She’s moving forward, clear headed, and on a mission, and ready for whatever stands in her way.

D: So, I guess on the terms of the characters that are still alive. Bo’s love life has also been one of the connecting pieces with those who are closest to her.  Do you think there will ever be resolution and she chooses someone, or will viewers see more of Bo’s unique choices?

Anna: Well, I get a lot of questions about the love life of Bo. The love triangle that was established early on in our show, I think that’s sorta part of who Bo is. That triangle will never really go away. I feel like Bo…Oh how can I say this without giving to much away! Every time I answer this question it comes up differently and I struggle to find and answer. *laughs* I feel like the love triangle is still definitely explored this season. It has evolved. Its not like it was in the first season. There’s still a lot of heat and still a lot of chemistry. There’s still new questions that come up about it. Does Bo make a choice, I definitely can’t answer that. I do feel like viewers, some will be shocked, some will be happy, some with be angry maybe. But I feel like it was the right place for Bo to go.

D: Lost Girl has had a strong cult following over the years, and now after having a very successful 5 seasons, how has the experience of playing one of the first lead bisexual female characters felt to you and your career?

Anna: This one’s great! Bo is a total gift to me. From the moment I read the pilot to the end. She was just a character that just had so much room for growth. I just feel like that was such a gift to play that. In terms of being a lead, bisexual character. Its funny that, just like its not really discussed with in the show, we don’t really discuss that she’s bisexual. She’s a succubus, its just a given that she’s a sexual creature and have a sexual nature. It wasn’t until we really started airing and people started to respond to that story line. We were like “Yeah!” Ok, its not that we didn’t give it any thought. Its just that I think what was special about the show is that it was this level playing field for love. So, it didn’t need to be discussed. That was kinda cool and that was what was kinda special about it.That is who she is period. No need to discuss. I like that. I’m really proud of that aspect of the show and to get to play that character was really wonderful.

D: I really like that! I appreciate your answer!

Anna: Thank you, It really is something we were proud of. Zoie and I, and Chris and I discussed from season one what those relationships should be and how they should be real and authentic and true to the characters. So we tried to stick to that and the writers really gave us that ability

D: Lastly, Bo has been such an incredibly strong character over the years, is there any pieces of her that have influenced you personally?

Anna: Absolutely, I feel like I would definitely want Bo to be my friend. Because she’d be there for you. I mean, the thing I love about Bo is that she’s very vulnerable and very sensitive, but also extremely strong. So you know that has definitely influenced me. She continues to be open an vulnerable, but she doesn’t shy away from things when things don’t go her way; She keeps pushing forward. I think thats a really good lesson for anyone; I certainly sort of learned that from playing her. I think there was times, when I think maybe after season. During filming I would be out on the weekends and I would sort of be walking around grocery aisles kind of like snooping, like I was creeping and looking for a monster. I’d think ‘I’m not on camera right now, what am I doing!’ I think that was a little too much influence. *laughs* So, yeah her positive characteristics have definitely influenced me and I feel thats what audiences have really been drawn to.

D: We here at Legion of Leia really love when Scifi and fantasy showcase kick-ass female characters, and Lost Girl has been an exemplary portrayal of a range of female characters. I’m definitely not ignoring the men on this one! But what has it been like to work with such a diverse and talented group of women?

Anna: It’s been amazing! I have to say we have discussed that on set, where were like Zoie Palmer, Ksenia Solo, Rachel Skarsten, and Emmanuelle Vaugier they’re all really, really strong women, in life and on camera. They’re all kinda charismatic and dynamic and that’s been really, really cool. The guys would sometimes make jokes, you know you’d hear Kris Holden-Reid say ‘I’m just a supporting character, I’m just here.’ He’s really naughty. He’s contributed a lot to Lost Girl, obviously. The men do play a very important role. But it was really cool to be on such a female friendly and female focused set. The crew loved the show, I mean the crew was behind the show from the beginning and when your crew is really, heavily involved with the story you know that you’re doing something that is going to get some kind of notice. When they care about the characters, and when they feel the heartbreak of the characters, then you know that people are paying attention.

So yeah, the women on the show were incredible. I still talk to them actually. I see them and talk to them and I think we have some life long friendships!

D: I really hope so, you all seemed like you have really great chemistry on set.

Anna: We do, we do. It was all kinda seamless. The way they cast us and brought us all together, and it just worked.

D: When you all were originally cast. Did they try to play you all off each other to see if you had chemistry beforehand, or did you just kinda have it when you walked on set?

Anna: Well you know we did the first initial auditions. Kris and I were the first two cast, and we, you know, had the chemistry read together. I know I’ve talked about that chemistry read, probably, in the press before, but it was awhile ago. Kris andI had great chemistry and once we were cast I read with potential Laurens, and potential Kenzi’s. Zoie is someone I have known for a long time, but I didn’t know here super well till we worked together on the show. But, yeah, we had great chemistry and then Ksenia was clearly the right choice for Kenzi. It’s funny I recently found an old email, I was going through all my old emails and deleting them, and I found an old one from Zoie. Right before we were supposed to chemistry read for each other, “Hey, I’m coming in for your show,its gonna be really cool, wouldn’t that be cool if we could work together”: Little did we know five years later we’d have done such amazing things together.

D: I’m assuming you all are completely wrapped now, and everyone has said their goodbyes?

Anna: We have! Yeah we wrapped in October actually, so its been awhile. Yeah, people have moved on to other projects, but we’re all very much in touch. But we said our goodbyes, it was a tearful goodbye on the last day. But it was also a really joyful one! To be able to finish that way, was the best thing we could have possibly hoped for.


D: Do you feel fulfilled about the end of Bo’s story?

Anna: I do, I really do, you know Michael Grassi, who i mentioned earlier and the producers (Vanessa Piazza and Jay Firestone) they all brought this story to where I feel like it should have gone. Every time I got a new script, I would always read it on the weekend. Because I would be a bit more clear headed and I could focus on the next part of the journey we were taking. When I got the finale, I held onto it for about five days before I read it. I just didn’t want to read it right away and when I sat down to read it I just finished it and thought…I barely had any notes or thoughts, I just felt completely like it was right. We had so many talented people involved, and it was just so perfect and I felt really, really happy about it.

D: This is making me very excited for this season!
Anna: I know! I’m excited to! I haven’t really been talking about the show in awhile. Um, but to talk about it again has been exciting!

D: Thank you so much for talking to Legion of Leia about what we can look forward to with this season of Lost Girl!

Anna: It was a pleasure!

Lost Girl Season 5 premiered on April 17th. The final episodes, broken into two 8 episode parts will air each Friday at 10/9c on Syfy.

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