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We last saw Meryl Streep wildly applauding in the audience at the Oscars after Patricia Arquette called for equal pay for women everywhere. It was an empowering speech, and we can only imagine that Streep is now taking action to further empower women her own way.

According to Variety, Streep announced this weekend that she is personally funding a significant amount of money to create a screenwriting workshop exclusively for women over the age of 40.

The project is called The Writers Lab, and will be run by New York Women in Television and Film. The lab has already recruited an impressive number of mentors, some of whom worked on Boyhood, Legally Blond, Beyond the Lights, and Bring It On.

The Writers Lab aims to “springboard” participants and produce their respective projects. This is a huge deal for women trying to get a foothold in the entertainment business. Following the infamous Sony hack, it came to light how drastically less female actors were paid compared to their male counterparts. The same can be said about everyone else working various positions in the TV/Movie-making business. And that’s if you can get into the business as woman at all. It’s 2015, we crave for more female leads, directors, and writers, but it’s depressingly hard for that to even happen.

The lab will take place at a retreat in upstate New York from September 18-20. Those who are interested can apply starting from May 1 until June 1, 2015. The program will only accept eight applicants, who will be announced August 1.

Hopefully this will create more initiatives that will one day support not only aspiring female writers, but directors as well.

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