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Are you in Anaheim? Did you get a chance to watch Star Wars Celebration’s Opening Ceremonies? No? Well we have you covered! Our fearless leader Jenna Busch and her expert band of rogues known as the Legion of Leia have infiltrated the most wretched hive of scum and villainy to to bring you a play by play of what was revealed! Read Below!

**Minor Spoilers**

  • New planet is not Tatooine, but Jakku.
  • Harrison Ford is recovering, but not able to join.
  • BB-8 takes the stage.
  •  Daisy Ridley: Rey is discovered on the desert planet Jakku. She’s a scavenger. The adventure begins when she meets another character.
  •  John Boyega: Finn is a stormtrooper, which he confirmed with a nod, but didn’t confirm whether or not he was a bad or good guy.
  •  Oscar Isaac: Poe Dameron is Piloting an X-Wing Fighter, with a pic of him in the suit. “He’s the best fricken pilot in the galaxy. He’s been sent on a mission by a certain princess.” He comes up on Finn and their fates are entwined.
  •  Kathleen Kennedy! Talked about how there was only one women originally but said the new ones would have “Really strong women. Not just in episode VII, there are going to be a lot of women!” She has two girls.
  •  Fear of disappointment and how can you ensure you’ll please every last one of them?
  •  J.J. “Well, we just will! Here’s the thing. Obviously they say you can’t please everyone and we’re trying to do just that.” He talked about the pressure of honoring the legacy and that making the fans proud is the most important thing. There are moments of “sheer horror,” but “I’ve never had more fun in my life, doing anything.”
  •  Kathleen Kennedy loves the Star Wars fan films!
  •  Oscar Isaac heard the call that he was cast and said he was worried that he couldn’t do it. So he blasted the Star Wars theme and took his shampoo bottle and flew it like an X-Wing fighter until he remembered his fandom.
  •  New stormtroopers, Anthony Daniels, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, Mark Hamill on stage.
  •  Carrie Fisher says she knew the fans would come to see Star Wars.
  •  Anthony Daniels joked about the C3P0 misspelling on the big screen.
  • Peter Mayhew is happy to be back in the costume because he can go anywhere.
  •  Carrie Fisher: Return to the classic hair buns? The buns are, you know, they’re tired now. We have an alternate thing that you’ll be very into, which is not the metal bikini, I promise.
  •  More girl power: “It’s good to have a little help. I liked being the only one when I was 19, when that was possible, but now I need some backup. “
  •  Mark Hamill thanks the UPF’s “ultra-passionate fans” for their support over the years.
  •  CF: It’s amazing to be a part of so many people’s childhood. And to be a toy.”

And of course, to wrap everything up, we have a new trailer! CLICK HERE to check it out along with some leaked poster art for Star Wars Episode VII


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