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The comic book world can be a bit overwhelming, I returned to it as an adult to find that everything I remembered was no longer cool.  I grew up reading comics in the 90s and it was a wild ride.  Comic speculation was out of control and every book had 10 variant covers.  I thought I was going to put myself through college on my collection of Magic the Gathering cards and the eventual value of Spawn #1.

Marvel's Civil War

Flash forward to 2010 when I had a job that had a lot of down time combined with a library card that allowed me unlimited access to trade paperbacks.  I got back into comics and realized that I was mostly over the spandex heroes after slogging through Marvel’s Civil War.  There are still a few with great stories that I read today but I can take a pass on 75% of them.  I eventually found my way to the local comic book store and lurked for a while looking at the racks of books I had never heard of until the guy at the counter had a few minutes without distraction.  I meekly asked him what I should read and he smiled as wide as a barn.  I did not realize it but I had found the formula for tapping expert advice, true fans love to tell you about what they enjoy.  He opened a new world to me and I realized that there was literature hidden among the funny books.


I started with Daytrippper by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Ba.  It had just been released and was being held up as a captivating story with breath taking art.  I was not disappointed and found myself making regular trips to pick up new books.  These were not the comics I grew up with and I was falling in love with reading graphic novels.  When I began running out of trades that interested me I started finding new monthly books to follow, The Walking Dead was an easy transition to make because I had caught up on the story in trade paperbacks and found myself unable to wait for the next one.  Once I started finding books to follow along with on a monthly basis I discovered the power of the Pull List.

The Walking Dead

Most comic book stores will allow customers to start a pull list.  They will order books in advance and make sure that you get what you want provided you come in regularly and pick it up.  That last part is where some people get into trouble.  It is easy to keep adding to your pull list until you find yourself paying $50 or more a week when you pick up your books.  You will sometimes find that you start building a pile of shame, this is a pile of books that you plan on reading but have not gotten to yet and you will likely never get to them.

It is my goal to bring you a weekly review of what has come out and give you a few good books that you should consider getting.  You can add them to your existing pull list or just pick them up as one time purchases.  If you have any suggestions for me let me know and I will be happy to check out whatever it is.


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