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Amazon has decided to take the words “Boys” and “Girls” from its main categorization in Toys and Games on its website reports BoingBoing.  While it has been noted by Kottke that you can drill down into the categories to find them, its still a “nice first step.”

This is huge news considering just how big a reach Amazon has on the population across the world.  Without actually coming out and saying that a child can play with any toy they’d like, they’ve just made it possible.  I’ve always thought actions speak louder than words, and they definitely do in this case.

There isn’t a rule that says Barbie is for girls and Tonka trucks are for boys.  Perhaps this will change the thinking of consumers without them even knowing.  For some reason labels are really important to people.  So if you’re shopping for your nephew or niece for instance, maybe if you find the coolest toy without the boy or girl label, you may not even think twice about it. (I don’t think twice, I know what the child I’m buying for likes).

Hopefully other retailers take note and follow this juggernaut of a company.  They are obviously doing something right considering their success thus far.  They are definitely living up to their smiley face logo.  I know this news makes me happy.

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Cristy Donahue