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Myst, the legendary video game from the 90s, is being turned into a television show! And it’ll stream exclusively on Hulu!

Legendary Television acquired the rights to Cyan Worlds’ adventure game last fall. Matt Tolmach (The Amazing Spider-Man and Sinister Sixis producing, and Evan Daugherty (Divergent) is penning the script.

Myst is a huge puzzle/exploration game that blends elements of science fiction and fantasy. Just like in the game, the show will explore the origins of the island of Myst where a man wakes up on a mysterious island with absolutely no idea who he is, where is, or how he got there.

Daugherty developed the project with Tolmach & David Manpearl as well as Legendary TV’s scripted team of Lauren Whitney, Peter Johnson and Cory Lanier. Myst’s game developer, Cyan Worlds, is involved as well.

Originally released in 1993, Myst is a first-person journey in the interactive world. You explore the island of Myst as “Stranger” and discover its mysteries through complicated clues, some of which prompts you to do actual research outside the game. It was the biggest PC game seller of the 1990s, until The Sims came along and knocked it off its throne in 2002. It spawned a franchise with multiple sequels, selling over 12 million copies through 2003.

If Hulu orders a full series for Myst, this will be yet another original series for Hulu. They’ve been trying to catch up to Netflix with original programming. They’re already expanding their plate with 11/22/63 from J.J. Abrams; Amy Poehler, Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner’s Difficult People; Jason Reitman’s Casual; and Jason Katims’ The Way.

I’ve always been a little fascinated with this game. I would try to play it during computer class in grade school (when it just came out), but I was too young at the time to understand what the heck I was supposed to do. I would always try to play, wander around for a bit, then switch to classic Oregon Trail. Ah, those were the days.

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