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This week’s episode starts us off in a graveyard where Davina, Rebekah 2.0, and Vincent are trying to break the link between Rebekah’s body and the kids that is keeping her from returning to her old body. She knows if she doesn’t break the link before she tries to return then all the kids that she’s channeling will die.

From there it cuts to a big party in the streets where Klaus attacks a couple to get his strength back. He’s obviously still weak from being daggered last episode.

Cutting back to the graveyard we see that the link breaking was a success. YAY we can FINALLY possibly get Claire Holt back. Not to say that Maisie Richardson-Sellers hasn’t been doing a good job… but I mean come on… Claire Holt reasons.

Once again we are cut to Niklaus and Dahlia in the alley where Klaus has just drank his fill on the unsuspecting party couple. He admits that he sees why his siblings loathe him since being daggered is such an excruciating experience. Dhalia wants Klaus to replenish his strength for what is to come and presents him with a small crowd of brainwashed living blood bags for him to feed on.

Cutting to the compound where Freya is working some witchy magic of her own, Rebekah 2.0 and Marcel walk in to inform Elijah that the breaking of the link was successful. They discuss the obvious hand Dahlia had in the storm that is raging through the city and how they hope that Davina will be able to unite the covens against their foe. Rebekah goes to shut the window and notices blood on the pane. This leads them to discover that Niklaus is no longer daggered and has escaped. Immediately we see that Klaus has drank his fill on the crowd that Dahlia prepared for him and we get our title card.

The next scene takes us to a cottage in the woods where Hayley, Hope, and Jackson are taking refuge from the storm. Hayley goes outside to talk to Mary who is performing a trick to see if magic is around. Surely enough the trick proves that the storm is supernatural and they know Dahlia is going to be coming. Hayley and Jackson decide they have to keep moving. Hayley informs the pack that she cannot risk their lives anymore than she already has. She lets them know how much they have all meant to her, but also tells them she can no longer be their queen. The entire pack kneels before her and Jackson tells her that she will always be their queen. (Who wouldn’t hail her as queen when she has such an uncanny ability to keep her make up perfect in a monsoon?)


Next we see Rebekah and Camille on the phone with Rebekah trying to convince Camille to try to talk some sense into Klaus. Camille doesn’t understand why Rebekah thinks that she would have any impact on Niklaus’s actions so Rebekah comes out and says what we have all known to be obvious for a while… that Nik “fancies” Camille. This softens Camille’s tone and she agrees to try.

We are then taken to Dahlia and Klaus arguing over the fact that Dahlia doesn’t think that Klaus is acting fast enough on his promises. Klaus assures her that he knows what he’s doing but that there isn’t much he can do in the storm. Dahlia acquiesces and stops the storm saying that it had served its purpose. She reminds Klaus that she will take the baby whether he ends up helping her or not, and that if Hayley tries to run again Dahlia will kill her. Klaus tells her not to worry for he has a fate much worth than death for Hayley. Can we just take this moment to say how much I have come to hate Niklaus as the villain? I just want him to chill out and start acting with sense and reason. How much of all of this could have been avoided had he just taken a deep breath and counted to 10 every once in a while?


Meanwhile, at the compound, Rebekah realizes how angry Klaus will be that they daggered him. It doesn’t take long for them to figure out that Dahlia is the one who set him free and they debate what would make Klaus turn to Dahlia’s side of the cause. Freya comforts Elijah and Rebekah in the fact that she completed her spell and as long as they get Dahlia in between Klaus’s paintings she will become mortal and stabbing her with Mikael’s knife should kill her. There’s a small scene between Elijah and his new love interest that honestly was completely pointless and added nothing to the story. (Kind of like her character. Heh)

The next scene takes us to Klaus and Marcellus fighting. Marcellus thinks that Klaus wants to kill him, but Klaus informs Marcellus that he needs something from him and will enjoy ripping it out. Dahlia walks in and she and Klaus exchange looks that almost make you question what Klaus is up to. Maybe he isn’t really on her side and is working his own angle. (A girl can hope)

At the compound Elijah, Rebekah, and Freya are further discussing their plan against Dahlia when Rebekah questions why Freya is so calm about everything, seeing as how she is the one who is mostly at risk. Freya responds in a touching way saying that she is envious of their family bond and that it is something she has always wanted. She respects it and realizes that family truly is the greatest bond there is.

A quick cut takes us to Marcel hanging upside down from the ceiling. Klaus was bleeding vervain out of him so that he can use compulsion on Marcel. Klaus also attacked several of Marcellus’s companions including Elijah’s new candy. Dahlia can’t understand why Klaus doesn’t just kill them all and he informs her of the Klaus way of doing things… using what they care about against them.

After a quick scene of Vincent and Davina discussing her taking on the role of regent, we find Hayley and Jackson trying to find a way across a river. Hayley has another moment of “I’m sick of people fighting my battles for me” and Jackson comforts her letting her know that it’s just a part of being family.

At the compound Rebekah is performing the spell to lure Dahlia with a magical, fake Hope. Dahlia shows up on cue and instead of seeing Freya holding the clay doll she’s actually holding, to Dahlia it seems Freya is holding Hope. Freya tells Dahlia that she is trying to make a peace offering so that Dahlia will release her. Dahlia tells her to plead her case and then she will decide whether to release her or to kill her.


After a quick scene where we see that the seemingly raging river was only about a foot deep and the wolves are crossing safely with Hope in tow, we are taken to the graveyard where Vincent is making his case to the witches for Davina to be regent. The witches don’t really seem to agree with him in his choice and keep reminding him that the role was meant for him. Davina gets tired of hearing all the back and forth and steps up for herself. She basically tells the crowd that she has the biggest balls among them and that they won’t be able to handle their enemies without her. You go, girl.

At the compound the plan to kill Dahlia falls apart when Marcel tackles Rebekah, which breaks the spell causing the golem to look like Hope. Then a fight between Freya and Dahlia breaks out while a simultaneous fight between Elijah and Klaus breaks out. Dahlia quickly dispatches of Freya by putting her into the 100 years sleep early while Elijah tries to make Klaus see that Dahlia is manipulating him. Klaus is having none of it and makes Gia take her daylight ring off right in front of Elijah. (Good I really didn’t like her anyway) Klaus informs Elijah that that was just a taste of what he has in store for Hayley and Klaus proceeds to stab Elijah in the heart with the magical knife meant for Dahlia. Here enters Camille who tries to calm Klaus down. Instead Klaus drinks from Camille seemingly killing her. He then instructs Marcel to keep Rebekah at the compound while he and Dahlia track Hope using Klaus’s blood.

While the fighting is going down at the compound, Haley and Jackson are discussing where to settle with Hope. There’s a quick cut away to Rebekah and Marcel discussing their plight and then we see that Jackson and Hayley have decided on Alaska. It’s at that moment Klaus finds the pack and is on the attack. Haley gives Hope to Mary and goes back to join the fight. Before we get to any super juicy fighting, though, we cut Rebekah trying to convince Marcel to kill her so she can jump back into her original body. She realizes she doesn’t want to have to make Marcel do it himself so she stabs herself in the neck(woohoo Claire Holt here we come!). We finally get back to the fight where Jackson and Hayley are both fighting Klaus. Klaus finally plays his last card for Hayley, which is to reinstate the curse that keeps the pack as wolves except for the full moon. Hayley pleads with Klaus but it’s all for naught as she turns into a wolf.


Meanwhile, at the graveyard, Davina has been made the new witch regent and she proclaims that now is the time of the witch. We are then taken to the compound to see that Klaus indeed did not kill Camille but informed her of his plan. The scene begins to cut back and forth between Klaus/Dahlia in the woods and Camille/Elijah (whom she cut open and ripped the knife out of) at the compound. Klaus tells Dahila that she will not bind herself to Hope until she has rid herself of the sleep curse, but she will bind herself to him instead. He informs her that the best chance she has of breaking the sleep curse is to bind to the immortal hybrid. Meanwhile Camille informs Elijah that Klaus’s plan has all been a ruse to gain Dahlia’s trust and that he knows how to kill her.

Next week we possibly finally get a good Klaus back, Claire Holt back, and a showdown to the death with Dahlia. I can’t express enough how much yes that episode will potentially contain. Excuse me while I go change my pants.

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