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LEGO. It’s a blessing and a curse. They let us create toys from scratch and recreate our favorite starships and vehicles from every genre in entertainment. They’re detailed, amazingly well thought out and usually come with Minifigs that brings a smile to your inner child. There’s just one problem: the larger vehicles are rarely to scale with the accompany figures and that makes sense too. If you tried to recreate the Super Star Destroyer from Return of the Jedi, it would wind up becoming several football fields long, not to mention the price tag would be so large that it would bankrupt a small country.



Nevertheless, sometimes people make a goal and are determined to see it through, such as the fine folks at Titans Creations. They made it their mission in life to not only create a scale version of the Millennium Falcon, but also tried to fill it full of easter eggs and detail heretofore unheard of in a lego vehicle. Not only did the crack team use blueprints from various sources, they included LED lights as well as try to account for every hose, floorboard, and chair on the ship. It took the folks at Titans Creations over two months to build this MiniFig scale ship and when she was finished the Falcon wound up being over 16 feet wide composed of over 10,000 individual pieces.



So you can’t take it home with you but you can stare lovingly at this masterpiece of lego brickery…or to echo The Force Awakens: “Chewie, we’re home”.

Make sure to follow the Titans Creations FB page for more of their work!







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  • Is it possible for the maker of this “Fastest hunk of Junk in the galaxy”(not a insult, it’s a Star Wars reference) to send me the blue prints to me, i want to build this so bad…May the Force be with you

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