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Fisk carries Vanessa into a hospital, accompanied by Wesley, Leland, and several guards. While Leland whines that he should be checked out as well since he was holding a glass of the poisoned wine, Fisk unsuccessfully attempts to play the do-you-know-who-I-am card to be allowed to remain with Vanessa.

Karen visits Matt at his apartment, reporting that she can’t contact Foggy. Seeing the state of his apartment alerts Karen that Matt wasn’t actually in a car accident. She tells Matt about finding Fisk’s mother, revealing that Fisk killed his father when he was 12. Matt reminds Karen that visiting Fisk’s mother was dangerous, then advises her to report to Foggy. He almost tries to have her relay a message to Foggy, but then changes his mind.


Foggy is woken by Karen trying to call him, but he ignores it. It appears he slept with Marci, his ex who works at Landman & Zack. He reveals that he is considering not working with Matt anymore.

At the hospital, as Fisk waits for word on Vanessa’s condition, Leland and Wesley discuss the attack, wondering whether it may have been Gao or the Japanese. Wesley tells Leland to speak to Gao.

Claire tends to Matt’s wounds, which he has re-opened, advising him again to get some sort of armor. Matt mentions having noticed Fisk’s armor lined suit. The conversation turns to their relationship and the fact that they can’t be together because there will always be some adversary for Matt to protect the city from. She leaves, reassuring him that she’ll, “always be there when you really need me,” but reminding him that saints, martyrs, etc. always end up, “bloody and alone.”

Karen meets with Urich by the river. He is still angry with her for making him drive to visit Fisk’s mom. She urges him to print the story, but he feels the evidence is not strong enough yet. He informs Karen about the attack at the benefit.

Wesley tries to comfort Fisk, who feels guilty for what happened to Vanessa. Fisk decides that if she recovers, she should be sent away, and asks Wesley to arrange to necessary funds personally. The doctor emerges to inform Fisk that Vanessa will live.

devil is symbol

Matt goes to the church and speaks to the priest, confessing that while he didn’t kill Fisk, he tried to. The priest reveals that he knows who Matt is and what he does, if not how. Matt questions God’s plan and whether his own actions are driven by God or the Devil. The priest speculates that God’s plan for the Devil may have been to have him serve as a symbol to be feared.

Back at his apartment, Matt tries to meditate, but flashes back to his fights with Nobu and Fisk. He opens the footlocker containing his vigilante gear.

Turk Barrett runs down a street, firing his gun randomly, then climbing up onto a rooftop, where Matt catches up to him. Matt interrogates him for information on Fisk’s armor.

In Vanessa’s hospital room, waiting for her to wake up, Fisk receives a phone call from his mother, but ignores it. He steps outside the room and asks Wesley to deal with his mother, then goes back in, asking not be disturbed, just as Leland returns from speaking to Gao. Leland reports to Wesley that Gao promised to stand with them, but he is unable to gauge her sincerity. Leland seems more concerned with Fisk getting back to business. After dismissing him, Wesley calls Fisk’s mother, who barely remembers him at first, but tells him that she had visitors. After he finishes talking to her, he demands a gun and car keys from one of Fisk’s guards, saying that he won’t be gone long.


Matt breaks into the shop where Fisk’s armor is made, but the tailor returns. When he sees Matt, he says, “you shouldn’t be here,” and attacks, repeating the same phrase. Despite his injuries, Matt is eventually able to overcome him, only then realizing that the man, Melvin, has some sort of developmental disability and only works for Fisk in order to protect his caregiver. Changing tactics, Matt bond with Melvin and promises protect the woman. To aid in this task, he asks Melvin to make him not just a suit, but a symbol.

Karen finds Foggy at the bar, and reprimands him for not returning her calls. Like Matt and Urich, Foggy also dismisses Fisk’s mother as a reliable source. Karen asks what happened between Foggy and Matt, noting that she found the Nelson & Murdock sign in the trash, but he refuses to answer, indicating that he would like to talk about it, but can’t. She urges him to keep fighting against Fisk, then leaves. Outside the bar she calls Matt, making a similar plea to him. Finally, she call Urich, who is able to comfort her a little bit. Just as she arrives to her building, she is grabbed from behind.

Fisk soliloquizes to a still unconscious Vanessa about his lack of religious faith, but promises her that he will make whoever is responsible for her condition suffer.

empty clip

Karen wakes up in a chair at a table, having difficulty moving because of the sedative that was administered. Wesley reveals himself to her, placing his gun on the table. He questions whether she loves the city, admitting that he does not, but that Fisk truly does. He then reveals that he knows that she and Urich visited Fisk’s mother. He expresses admiration for her persistence and persuasiveness, and offers her a job…convincing people that Fisk is a good man. When she rejects this offer, Wesley threatens to kill everyone she cares about first, and then her. Just then he receives a phone call from Fisk and, taking advantage of the momentary distraction, Karen lunges for the gun. Karen hints that she has shot someone before, then unloads the entire clip into his chest and flees, his phone still ringing.


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