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FIFA 16 has added 12 Women’s National Teams to it’s next installment of the franchise.  Players will now be able to play the Womens teams from 12 countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and the United States.

Our favorite women players come to life in FIFA 16 with real 3D modeling which allows authenticity to player running motions, facial animations and hair movements.  EA didn’t just put women’s heads on male bodies, and that is key to making the game feel real.

“Bringing some of the best women’s players and teams in the world to our franchise is a massive event for EA SPORTS, and we are equally excited about bringing millions of fans a new way to play,” said David Rutter, VP and GM, EA SPORTS FIFA. “We’re making sure fans get an authentic experience when playing with Women’s National Teams thanks to our innovative player capture and reference tools, as well as the sophisticated gameplay platform which we will continue to innovate on in FIFA 16.”

Even the players are astonished at FIFA’s feat with the addition of the Women’s National Teams.

“I honestly can’t believe all of the science and technology behind the game itself, let alone getting us into the motion capture suits and eventually into the game,” said Abby Wambach, world record holder for International goals scored and forward, United States Women’s National Team. “We’re all excited to see ourselves in the game, but even more excited to see the reaction from all of the fans, including the fans of our team that maybe wouldn’t be expecting something like this from EA SPORTS.”


FIFA 16 launches on September 22, 2015 on Origin for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3.

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  • Football and epistemology. I love it. The connection is so obvious you wonder there is not a whole literature on the subject. Further evidence of how the academy and the people who gather to watch the Super Bowl over chips and beer can lose track of one another. I say if we are serious about praxis — i.e., scholarship that stands a chance of helping the world become a little more reflective and honest — we need to pay more attention to things like instant replays and sports bloopers. Nice work, Harper.

  • Great post. I agree that sport and soccer particularly has the power to bring peace to areas of conflict. While the research is relatively limited I, and I’m sure many out there, have seen plenty of evidence that soccer works. I have founded an Australia-based charity called The Kick Project (www.thekickproject.blogspot.com.au) which is seeking to build local/global football for peace networks and programs globally. I would love to engage with like minds – whether with the view to assist with seed funding or as local groups looking to reach out and possibly work together. Pls contact me thro the above website if interested. Thanks and peace.Bubble Soccer

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