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Oh snap, Mr. McKellen! Tell us how you really feel!

In an interview with Uproxx, the lovable and funny Ian McKellen discussed how he’d rather go for a nice walk than ride in a limo, how he advised Patrick Stewart not to do Star Trek because he wouldn’t have time for stage plays (but was glad when he didn’t follow that advice!), laughed when referred to as an “American Treasure,” and very humbly discussed his contributions to the LGBT community.

Oh, yeah, and he also ripped THE CRAP out of, not only Superman, but James Bond too!

“Well, [Bryan Singer] persuaded me [to play Magneto]. X-Men was about something. Superman isn’t really about anything. It’s a joke. The nerd changes his underpants and becomes a Superman. That’s James Bond: ‘Shaken, not stirred,’ silly, stupid, British twit… and then, Action Man! But X-Men is about the problems of being a mutant. And we’ve all felt we’re mutants on occasion. So, that was the hook for me.” (via Uproxx.com)

Daaaaannnnngggggg… Are you laughing from shock right now? I am. I am a fan of X-Men and Superman so reading this, BLEW. MY. MIND.

For fifteen years, McKellen has been starring in the X-Men franchise films as supervillain, Magnito. And, personally, Magnito is my absolute favorite villain.
In fact, I once said to my husband, “I know I’m not supposed to like Magnito. But I do. Why do I like him so much?!”
“Because Ian McKellen is freaking amazing,” my husband replied.

Sooooooo true.

Now, even though I am a huge fan of McKellen’s, do I agree with what he said about Superman? No, no I do not.

But, do I think it’s absolutely hilarious and awesome that he feels comfortable enough to be that blatantly opinionated? Yes, yes I do.

Hear me out fellow Superman fans: I understand what McKellen was saying about X-Men being “about something.” Stan Lee wrote X-Men in the hopes that the comic would start a conversation about discrimination. And I think it has definitely done that. I also think it teaches wonderful lessons about tolerance, love, and acceptance.
But I think Superman is about something too.
As a matter of fact, when it comes down to it, I feel that Superman and the X-Men have a lot in common; misunderstood outsiders with “superpowers,” separated from their families, fighting for justice, and making impossible sacrifices for what they believe is right?! Check!

What do you guys think? Let’s discuss! Leave comments and let me know.

(via Comicbook.com)
(via Uproxx.com)


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  • Ian McKellen is awesome, I will agree with that. I also agree with him that Superman kinda sucks. Every X-Men character has more depth than Superman. Superman is too perfect, too strong, too fast, too powerful. He has a moral compass that never seems to veer. To me, he is completely uninteresting. I like Wolverine. I like that he’s a badass that lives by his own rules, sometimes struggles with doing the right, but usually does it anyway. I haven’t been interested in a Superman movie in this millennium, and am constantly anticipating the next in the X-Men series.

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