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This last week is full of some of my favorite books. It was also full of some great annuals. The best work came from Marvel. There is also something I want to mention, have you heard that Legion of Leia has its own podcast now? If not then I assure you that you are missing out. Last week’s episode made me question if my Funko Pop collection has gotten out of hand (it has).

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Let’s all head down to Cuba for a back-story. Black Widow #20 finds Natasha atoning for her past. She has a past and we know that much of it revolves around the things she did working for the Red Room. In this issue we take a look at a successful mission that does not sit well with Natasha. The story by Nathan Edmondson is the same quality that you would expect from the team that has given the Black Widow her longest run.

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It is a hard look at her motivations and the world she came from. The art by Phil Noto is not my favorite but it fits the story and communicates well. My stylistic tastes should not be taken into account for this book. Over all it is a solid book and reads well. It doesn’t matter if you read this regularly it is a good pick up.

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The summer is long when you are waiting for the TV season to start back up. It is a good time to catch up shows you mean to and rewatch your favorite episodes. S.H.I.E.L.D. #8 is a good way to pass time as well. Each issue has the feel of a standalone book and supplements the show. I enjoy each issue and feel like they have captured the characters on the small screen. I want to see more of what happens in the comic tie into the show but we can’t have it all.

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Mark Waid is the behind the story and it has all the hallmarks of his quality. I don’t know where he gets the time to do all the work he does but his quality never suffers. I like the focus of this story being on how Mockingbird copes with trafficking of genetically modified slaves. The art by Julian Totino Tedesco is great and the angles of perspective used are fantastic. I enjoyed this book and would like to see more of Melinda May and Bobbi Morse together.

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Bringing up the rear this week is Star Wars #7, the main book has had some great stories and seems to be transitioning to the next big arc. The story is told from Obi Wan’s Journal and I wanted to love it so much. It was mostly whining and a pity party. I was turned off by the story because each part of it seemed implausible. Written by Jason Aaron, I did not feel like he caught Obi Wan’s voice and that antagonists would have been handled with a clever action rather than just smashing faces.

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The character of young Luke also does not feel right. Maybe I am such an EU nerd that I am nitpicking it too much. The art by John Cassaday was also a bit all over the place. Some panels were great and others like Obi Wan’s last splash page should have been rejected. I got it and I would say that if you are jonesing for a Star Wars fix then you should buy it otherwise save you money on this one.

We find ourselves with a stack of books and a few more days until next Wednesday. I hope that everyone has found something they love to read and I am still looking forward to October so that Marvel can show us what great stuff they have in store. I am keeping the dream alive and fingers crossed. If you want to see other mini reviews check me out on Instagram or Twitter at @GoReadSomething. As always, go read something.

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