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Jenna Coleman

Following rumors that stirred throughout her tenor, Jenna Coleman is confirmed to be leaving Doctor Who by the end of it’s upcoming 9th series. The show toyed with her possible departure in last years Christmas Special, but against expectations she was retained as the Doctor’s companion.

Clara entered the show partway through series 7, with series 8 being her first full run. Now it’s possible that it might be her only full season, as the BBC has not revealed whether Clara will make her exit in the finale or an earlier episode. Clara Oswald has threatened to leave the Doctor several times before, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she packed it in and left halfway through the series. However, the Mirror is reporting that Clara may face a more tragic fate than most companions, similar to Amy and Rory.

Coleman has faced an uphill battle winning over some fans, but to my mind she might be the most underrated of the revived series. Karen Gillan’s Amy Pond was a tough act to follow, but she’s done an admiral job bringing a different kind of companion to the show. I can only hope she gets an exit as interesting as her introduction as Oswin.

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