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IAmElemental Gold Honesty NYCCFemale-positive, body-positive toymaker IAmElemental is bringing an exclusive new action figure to New York Comic Con.

IAmElemental was a Kickstarter darling when their campaign launched in 2014.  The concept behind this toy line, created by Julie Kerwin, was simple– tired of seeing toy lines and comic books filled with sexually objectified and scantily clad female characters presentimg unattainable body standards, Kerwin created a new team of super heroes with more natural bodies, but the same sense of power and agency.  It was a smash hit, with the campaign earning incrementally more support than its funding goal, which was all Kerwin and her team needed to make IAmElemental not only a reality, but a sustainable one.

The first series of action figures features seven original characters, all of whom represent one facet of Courage— There’s Bravery, Energy, Honesty, Industry, Enthusiasm, Persistence, and Fear.  Together, these characters embody the concept of courage, as exemplified by the legendary Joan of Arc– and future series of IAmElemental action figures will feature more new female characters organized around a central concept that serves as a core value we should all focus on in our lives.

While we wait for more news on Series Two, IAmElemental is commemorating their first New York Comic Con appearance with a special edition of their winged hero, Honesty.  The NYCC exclusive toy features a special gold costume, a variant which will be limited to 1,000 figures and never sold outside of NYCC 2015.  As a proud owner of the standard edition Honesty action figure, I can tell you she’s fantastic, one of the coolest releases in this remarkable toy line.  She’s a great choice to earn the spotlight at IAmElemental‘s NYCC booth, and if you’re attending this year’s show, I urge you to check them out.  At only $12, the NYCC exclusive gold Honesty is well worth your dollars.  And even if you pass on this cool exclusive action figure, be sure to stop by the IAmElemental booth (number #1760), and say hi to Julie and her team.  They’re doing amazing work in creating fair representation for women in the toy aisle, and they’re doing it in the best way possible– by making awesome toys that are connecting with girls AND boys everywhere.

If you want to reserve your NYCC exclusive gold Honesty action figure, Click Here and preorder at IAmElemental‘s website.

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