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Strap in folks, cause we’re still in The Future™ and it is still a lot of CGI.

Minority Report has established a pretty solid episode opener structure: little bit of info about pre-crime as gleaned through a flashback followed by Dash using his precognition to hustle games in the present until he is overcome by a murder vision. In episode 2, this means we are reminded exactly what each of the three pre-cogs see in their visions (Agatha becomes the victims; Arthur gets the facts like names; and Dash sees the horror of it all) and Dash hustles some ridiculous future-makeup-wearing people at chess. This week’s vision is of a bunch of frankly unintelligible quick-cuts that include a knife, rope, and weird shoes. Basically your average Friday night.

MR102Elsewhere, Blake and Vega are in what appears to be a war-torn country on a mission to find some bad guys, so naturally this is a virtual reality training exercise (because The Future™) where we will learn that Vega is good at her job, but when she gets too aggressive and goes off on her own, she loses the much needed support of her partner. Vega’s arc for this season: learning to trust and rely on her partner. Also, Beyoncé is obviously considered classic. This is already true.

MR102Back in reality, Blake informs Vega that the higher-ups aren’t too keen on the way she took out two terrorist suspects without her bodycam operational. Vega is going to maintain the party line that she did it all on her own even though Blake clearly knows that’s total bull, and Blake is going to continue to admit that he takes credit for Vega’s wins. At least he’s honest?

Akeela also knows that Vega is lying her ass off, but again Vega is sticking to the party line…ish. Actually, she shifts to verbalizing the popular trope of “I won’t give you useful information because you’re my friend and I’M PROTECTING YOU.”

Meanwhile, Dash and Wally are having happy seizure time to get a visual of Dash’s vision. Vega gets dressed down by Wally for being concerned about her job when Dash is risking vivisection. BRING THE MULTI-SYLLABIC WORDS, WALLY. We also learn that the vision-to-murder timeframe is never more than 36 hours.

This week’s case is a brunette woman (I shall call her Cinderella because she lost a shoe) that was killed by probably a man. There is a tattooed symbol: sun in a crescent moon. And she’s wearing a wristband from Club Alpha, which Wally knows is in Dupont Circle because Wally gets out. Do not underestimate Wally. #TeamWally

Unfortunately, brunette wearing shoes is not a lot to go on, leading me to feel that Dash is the least useful of the three pre-cogs. Arthur clearly has the best power: actual information. So of course, Dash heads off to get the name, but Arthur is calling quid pro quo. If he’s going to give Dash info, then Vega has to pull a case file for him. This doesn’t seem like much of a risky task. Really, the scene is about Arthur’s anger at having his childhood taken away by Pre-Crime and Dash’s non-guilt about killing that guy last week. If this were Supernatural, they’d be leaning on the Impala while drinking beers.

MR102Plot twist: Dash’s social ineptitude means that he is happy to tell Vega everything. Please keep this honesty up.

And we’re hitting the club to look for Cinderella. This should go well for Dash’s social ineptitude. Apparently in 2065 we have microbiomagicalwhatsit analyzers to determine your chances of hooking up with another person wearing the same analyzer. Yay science. 51% match for Vega and Dash. So, they’ll get together in season 4? Also, Vega is on board with the Cinderella codename. #TeamVega

Dash helpfully finds Cinderella, but he is so incompetent at social interaction that he decides to tase the dude she’s with: her brother. The actual guy with the sun/crescent tattoo is at the bar.

Wally and Dash are on top of their research game. Tyson Cole, bearer of the tattoo, is an author and mega-famous “pick-up scientist.” I’m not sure I like the future if this is a legit field of study at university. Dash is not not interested in Cole’s rules for social (or at least mating-related) interaction. He is, however, very much not interested in using Cinderella as bait to catch Cole in the act. Wally helpfully reminds the team that they can’t be fascist and arrest people pre-crime, and Vega grudgingly agrees.

There is a brief scene where Agatha and Dash argue, but it feels so out of place amid these events and like such a retread of their episode 1 argument that I’m not going to dignify it with a recap.

While staking out Club Alpha, they see that Cole leaves Cinderella behind, which Dash calls a total neg based on what he read in Cole’s book. Vega immediately advises him to trash the book. #TeamVega

On the stakeout, Dash admits that after witnessing 700 murders, he felt nothing killing the guy even though everyone expects him to have a reaction. Unsurprisingly, Vega can relate.

After an unsuccessful stakeout, Vega and Dash attend one of Cole’s lectures. Dash is totally taken in but Vega does her best to steer him toward healthy human interaction (possibly not her strong suit) and viewing people as complex individuals (also possibly not always her strong suit). Vega has the brilliant idea to change the future by making herself into the victim. She casually bumps into Cole after his lecture and uses his own neg strategy on him, but Cole figures it out in a second and shuts her down. Out of options, Vega finally goes to get that file for Arthur.

Blake sashays back into the episode to talk about how excited he is to bring the Hawk-Eye pilot program to their precinct, which obviously will not turn out to be all that and a bag of chips. It also has no impact on this episode. I’m beginning to wonder what use Blake is as a character beyond providing snippets of information.

Vega, for unknown reasons, enlists Akeela’s help in pulling the file. Vega continues to tell Akeela to her face that she will at no point be given any real information. Anywho, the case is from the 30s… the 2030s. It is Dash’s mom’s case and Arthur had her pull it because he knew she’d look at it. He wants to make sure Vega knows he’ll do anything for Dash, but hey, after some flirty eye threats, he does give her the name of Cinderella.

Back at Club Alpha, my new favorite place, Dash is still not 100% on board with using Cinderella as bait but Vega ain’t got time for that because Blake shows up like a stalker ex. He again admits that he takes credit for her work and she probably deserved that promotion over him. What is Blake’s purpose other than forcing Dash to hang with Cinderella? This obviously goes terribly as Dash uses what he learned from Cole’s book to hit on her in the creepiest of ways until she straight up leaves… conveniently at the exact moment when Cole is also leaving. Cinderella and Cole share a cab but miraculously it turns out Cole has no interest in murdering her.

Time to revisit the vision. They missed a quick shot of the Club Alpha bartender’s chopsticks, which he uses to mix drinks. And yes, Cinderella did go back to the club after hours to grab her forgotten purse. Bartender is in full Nice Guy mode complaining about how the ladies always go home with the assholes instead of Nice Guys like him. Thing is, most actual nice guys wouldn’t physically assault a woman for not being romantically interested in them and then knock said woman out when it seems like they are about to get caught. But that’s exactly what Nice Guy Bartender does when Vega and Dash show up. Dash uses his ability to predict where the bartender will be so that Vega can shoot in his general direction and take him down. Somehow this works.

Appropriate reaction to Dash's plan

Appropriate reaction to Dash’s plan

I’m totally #TeamVega, but when she says “You knew where he’d be; from now on, maybe you shouldn’t stay in the car,” I want to rip out the page in the dictionary that defines precognition and shove it in her face. Unfortunately, I’m guessing physical books aren’t around much in 2065 so this will prove difficult.

We end the episode with another ominous Agatha scene. She’s having a vision of something that looks suspiciously like Pre-Crime, and it ends with Vega approaching the POV Agatha is seeing through.

Minority Report still isn’t pushing any boundaries when it comes to procedural shows. It also doesn’t seem to know what to do with anyone other than Dash and Vega, and to some extent Wally and Arthur who at least provide support for the case-of-the-week. This is often the problem with shows devoted to keeping some big secret. When characters aren’t let in on said big show-driving secret, they are almost always going to end up totally sidelined from the main plot. Hopefully the Scooby Gang comes together sooner than later and the Agatha-related season arc starts taking more solid shape.

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