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The rights to Agatha Christie’s seminal mystery novel And Then There Were None (lets not talk about the other titles…) have been acquired by 20th Century Fox. Morten Tyldum, of The Imitation Game, is currently set to direct. The story has been adapted numerous times in various media and in several different languages.

The book involves 10 strangers who have been mysteriously invited to a party in a mansion on a deserted island. However, it becomes apparent that they have all been summoned under false pretenses and all the strangers are guilty of crimes for which they have gone unpunished. They are then systematically murdered, and the group realizes the killer is among them.

Christie’s novel has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, making it the best selling mystery novel in history. This film will be the first official cinematic adaptation in decades. Lets hope they leave out the convoluted epilogue that plainly explains the entire mystery.

via Deadline

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