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It seems fitting that the day upon which the announcement of the “Serial” podcast’s impending television adaptation hit the internet is, in fact, International Podcast Day™, a day dedicated to promoting all things podcast.

According to the International Podcast Day website, “International Podcast Day is dedicated to promoting podcasting worldwide through education and public engagement.” Amongst all the myriad of other niche holidays (“National Coffee Day” was yesterday and, according to the International Coffee Organization, tomorrow will be the first ever “International Coffee Day”), Steve Lee (founder of Modern Life Network) decided, after hearing a radio announcement for “National Senior Citizens’ Day” in the summer of 2013, that it was high time podcasting had a day dedicated to it.  Originally branded as simply “Podcast Day” in 2014, the assembled team of dedicated podcasters decided to rebrand the event as International Podcast Day™ to ensure the entire world was involved.

The IPD‘s website provides a number of resources for listeners and creators, as well as a calendar of International Podcast Day™ related events, concluding with a “Q&A and Podcast Day Wrap Up” in Hawaii at 10 PM HST tonight.  You can also check out the livestream on Blab, where members of the IPD team answer questions from podcast fans and producers, via both chat and video.

But the most important thing to do is to keep spreading the word about podcasts.  Tell a friend who’s never listened to a podcast about why they’re great and they should be listening to them.  Share a favorite podcast with someone who has never heard it before.  Show your appreciation for the people who make the podcasts you love by tweeting at them, posting on their website, or reviewing them in the iTunes store.

Speaking of which, have you guys checked out the Legion of Leia Podcast yet?

Now while I thoroughly enjoy many of the “bigger” podcasts out there found on the likes of Nerdist or Earwolf, and I’d be remiss not mention AfterBuzz TV, for whom I myself host several TV recap podcasts, in honor of International Podcast Day™, I want to share with you the very first podcast I ever listened to, a weekly quiz show called PodQuiz.  And while I have been a dedicated listener since somewhere around episode 10 (it’s currently on episode 549), I still totally suck at the music round.  Quizmaster James Carter has a way broader and more sophisticated knowledge of music than I do.

What are some of your favorite podcasts?  Comment below or join the conversation on social media using #PodcastDay.

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Emma Fyffe

Emma Fyffe is a Los Angeles based host/producer/sometimes actor. She can be seen on numerous after shows at AfterBuzz TV including Star War's Rebels, Marvel's Jessica Jones, Ash vs. Evil Dead, and Steven Universe. She is also the creator/producer/host of Love and Justice: A Serious Sailor Moon Podcast. You can follow her on Twitter @EmmaFyffe.

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