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After the resounding critical and popular success of CW‘s first season of The Flash, a television series based on the DC comic of the same name, hype and speculation are at an all-time high for the future of the show.

Today, to fan of the flames of that hype, the show’s official twitter account posted the newest season two poster (pictured above), with the caption, “You’re getting warmer.”  It depicts Barry Allen (played by leading man and Glee alum Grant Gustin) in The Flash’s full outfit, staring out from behind his mask with a challenging expression.  Shot only from the chest upward, smoke peels off of his red costume and into a blue and white background.

The Flash’s first appearance in the new DC television universe was in the series Arrow.  He became so popular and admired that a spin-off of his own was born.  This season of The Flash promises more villains, more conflict, and even a parallel universe. Who could ask for anything more?

Season Two of The Flash debuts on October 6th at 8 o’clock Eastern time. It is carried by CW.

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