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back to the future part II

Screen Junkies strike again with the latest installment in their popular Honest Trailers series. This time it’s the Back to the Future Trilogy, appropriately released today, October 21, 2015, the day upon which Marty McFly traveled to what was then 30 years in the future (though really only 26 since Back to the Future Part II was actually released in 1989 – but the film took place in 1985).

The trailer hilariously introduces the trilogy as being “From Steven Spielberg . . . ‘s buddy” as Robert Zemeckis’s name pops up on the screen and immediately calls out those annoying Facebook posts we were all seeing on our friends’ walls claiming “Today is the day Marty McFly arrives when he travels to the future”, with the dates on the display in the DeLorean photoshopped to be anything but today.  It then goes on to point out what many consider one of Back to the Future‘s strongest components: its ultra formulaic script.  The result is a humorous series of loglines hi-lighting just how similar the three films are.

I could go on to describe the entire trailer in detail, or you could watch it. I highly recommend you do.

Without spoiling anything, I will say there are some particularly brilliant “casting” choices, and the observation that the gene pool of Hill Valley is “so shallow that everyone’s ancestor looks exactly the same as their descendants” is spot on.  It also paints Doc Brown (albeit, fairly) as a somewhat shady character.  After all, he’s an eccentric old man who lives alone, has zero friends other than a teenage boy, and did attempt to send his dog through time, which could technically qualify as unethical animal experimentation.

And let’s not forget Back to the Future‘s quaint depiction of terrorism as bunch of ethnically ambiguous dudes in a VW van.  Or the fact that Loraine McFly’s son looks exactly like the guy she had a crush on in high school.

Surprisingly, as the trailer points out, there were quite a few things the second film did get right about 2015, hoverboards and flying cars sadly not being among them.  Personally, I’d be more sold on Hill Valley 2015 if all the extras were staring at their smart phones, but I guess that level of technological co-dependence was something that Back to the Future simply couldn’t predict.

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