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This might sound like I’m bragging for a moment, but trust me, I’m merely trying to make a point. I was once told at a party that I somewhat resembled Bradley Cooper (it’s the hair, mostly). While I could have just taken that as a compliment, I instead made the smart-ass quip: “So you’re telling me I look like an asshole?” I didn’t mean it to be disparaging. Just that in spite of the fairly objective fact that Bradley Cooper is a handsome man, he also looks like quite an asshole, regardless of his actual attitude and behavior.

I say this because it seems like ever since that day Bradley Cooper has been doing his damned best to prove me wrong. From showing loyalty to the small productions that gave him his first work (Wet Hot American Summer) to this: vowing to team with his future female co-stars in negotiating equal pay.

After Jennifer Lawrence’s fiery essay on this great disparity, Cooper commented that the gap in pay was “embarrassing,” particularly in regards to Lawrence’s and Amy Adam’s paychecks for 2013’s American Hustle in comparison to his own, as revealed in the hacked Sony emails last year. To this end Cooper wishes to start a dialogue amongst his peers about ending this obnoxious gap in pay.

“I don’t know where it’s changing otherwise but that’s something that I could do.”

Well, Mr. Cooper, you’re making me eat my words. That’s a very non-assholish thing to do. My hat’s off to you.

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