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Chris Pine!!!!!!!!!! You awesome, lovely, wonderful man!

Ugh. Just when we didn’t think we could love this guy more, he goes and says this freaking rad thing about being excited to be involved with a film about a strong woman/superhero!

Out of all of the things that he could have said, about being excited to be cast in the new Wonder Woman film, he said this. So fantastic.

While promoting his new film, The Finest Hours, Pine (Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Into the Woods) officially and FINALLY! confirmed, to the French site, Premiere, that he will definitely be a part of the new Wonder Woman film.

Woot woot! #SteveTrevor

For quite a while now, we have heard rumors that Pine would be playing, Wonder Woman’s (Gal Gadot) love interest, Steve Trevor.

While talking with Premiere, however, Pine didn’t confirm whether or not he will be playing Steve Trevor. But! He did confirm his casting and he shared a bit about why he’s excited to be a part of the film!

I ran what he said through Google Translate. So here is a rough translation that I brushed up a tiny bit:

“I do not really know what I’m allowed to tell you,” Pine told Premiere. “I’m super excited, of course. Gal Gadot is super talented… What excites me most is to [be a part of] a movie with a superhero woman. With a woman in the lead role. I team [up] with this intelligent, beautiful, and strong [woman] to destroy the wicked and save humanity.”

So wonderful! It’s incredibly thrilling that Pine sees how important strong, lead roles are for women. I love that they cast a man who is excited to support that!

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 23, 2017.

(Source: Premiere)

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