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I’m beginning to wonder if we will ever truly understand Harrison Ford. For a long time he just seemed like any other big movie actor despite his reserved demeanor. He appeared to be getting grumpier and impatient as he got older, but ever since the recent return of Star Wars something has changed. He seems to either be lightening up, going a bit crazy, or simply that Jimmy Kimmel appears to get the most strange material out of him. The most recent example is his most recent appearance on Kimmel, as none other than a hot dog dog.

That’s right, he’s a dog in a hot dog costume.

This interview is sort of fascinating. Ford isn’t so evasive and unresponsive as he can be in a lot of interviews. He even appears to give a number of genuinely heartfelt answers… while dressed as a hot dog dog. I know, it’s Halloween, but… wow. Has Harrison Ford entered the “Shia Labeouf” phase of his career?

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