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iZombie 204

The important takeaways from last night’s iZombie episode are: 1. David Anders is a national treasure. We already knew that, but it’s good to be reminded. 2. Peyton (Aly Michalka) is still back! AND her storyline is actively contributing to the season long arc! I’m so excited. 3. Ravi should be in charge of naming all pets. #MajorMinor

So what actually happened in Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues?

We open on a trio of teenage boys drinking a beer they must have swiped from the fridge in the garage, and they find a gun in some bushes. We get a brief glimpse of a news report about a convenience store clerk in Queen Anne that was gunned down (thus the ditched gun), but that isn’t actually our case of the week. Yes, murders happen that Clive and Liv do not investigate.

Before we dive into murder, here’s what’s up with all our friends: Peyton and Liv are back to BFFs after Liv stalks her to her dance-aerobics class and gives her juice. Hugs all around. Later they have a good girl chat about Peyton not trusting Gilda (she wants to run a background check on her – do it girl!) and their mutual concerns about Major’s downward spiral. Major, incidentally, is hating himself for waking up next to Gilda the Bad Witch of Max Rager. Also, he should really hate himself for leaving Ravi hanging when Major was supposed to drive him to work. Since Ravi thought he wouldn’t show, he called Liv for a ride. Cue awkward encounter. More importantly, Ravi has named the kidnapdopted dog MINOR! Get it? Get it?

iZombie 204

Liv and Ravi arrive at poor Lacey Cantrell’s home to a skeleton crew of police because everyone is more interested in the convenience store shooting in the rich Queen Anne neighborhood. Lacey is a county music loving Texas transplant. She’s also been strangled to death. Prior to her death, she’d been sending letters to a Matt Sudak at the State Penitentiary, but all were returned unopened.

Quick jaunt to the station to eat brains/do police work. Clive is introduced to FBI Agent Dale Bozzio (Jessica Harmon) who is in town to help with the investigation into who is killing rich people, like the astronaut Blaine killed, or the zombies Blaine made that Major is killing, or that guy Terrence that disappeared off the face of the earth (killed by Vaughn Du Clarke) that the police suspect might be involved. Additionally, the convenience store killer has been found – same clothes and exact amount of stolen money on his person, but they need to find the gun in order to have an airtight case.

Clive and Liv head over to interview Matt Sudak at the pawn shop where he works. He and Lacey broke up after she admitted to having a one night stand with his friend. Sudak is not surprised to be on the suspect list. A parolee whose ex got murdered? Seems reasonable. He’s got an alibi, though. Hanging with his boss Phil. Except, Phil is not that convincing when he says Sudak was with him all night. Also Liv buys a guitar. Clive is not into it

iZombie 204

Ravi also does not seem into Liv’s new guitar or her Ballad of Sud and Lacey, which thus far has not triggered a helpful vision. Ravi would rather talk about his fancy human pheromone cologne he is wearing for his date with Steph.

A date which, by the way, is going very well until Peyton walks in. Major said she could crash with them but somehow didn’t tell Ravi. Not cool, dude.

With Sudak alibied out, Clive and Liv hit up the country-western restaurant where Lacey worked. The manager, Rick, gives the most annoying police procedural line, “Everyone loved her.” No. Stop it. If you say this line, you shoot to the top of my suspect list. Anywho, Lacey asked for an advance on her paycheck, so Rick thinks she might have owed someone money. What Rick fails to mention, but one of Lacey’s regulars does tell them, is that Rick and Lacey got into a huge fight the night before. She poured hot coffee on Rick and smashed his taillight on her way out. Also, Rick just drove away ruhl fast, so he’s looking highly suspicious.

Liv finally has a vision. While pressing himself up against her back, Rick offered to give her the cash advance if she’d sleep with him. What. A. Scumbag.

Rick and his very pregnant wife Pam stop by to tell the police how much Lacey was in love with Rick. Pam really sells Rick’s alibi until Liv tells Pam all about her vision… “according to our witness,” and Pam cracks. She was lying about what time he got home and actually had no idea where he was until around midnight.

Sudak’s alibi is also looking like a no-go. Phil was busy getting a moving violation. Alone. Also the FBI lady and Clive are hitting it off. I do not trust her at all. I think I need to talk to someone about my distrust of friendship.

With both of his top suspect’s alibis gone, Clive calls Pam back in and asks if there was anything off about Rick’s clothes when he got home. Nope. What about the coffee? Oh yeah, obviously that. What about blood? Oh sure, there was some blood. Welp, Rick’s out of the suspect pool because Lacey was strangled and Pam’s just saying whatever she thinks the police want to hear to get her husband arrested. Clive tells Pam that much as she hates her husband, she can’t give a false statement to the police.

Meanwhile, Liv is singing at Lacey’s former place of employment, and Ravi is being supportive by wearing this:

iZombie 204

Liv misses Clive’s call to tell her that Sudak is back at the top of their suspect list. Which ain’t good because Sudak is following Liv to her car after the show… to tell her how much he liked her song and that he really did love Lacey. Gotta say, he seems genuine.

Sidenote, a mom come in to turn in the gun her hooligan son found, but Clive is too busy trying to reach Liv so hands her off to another detective.

Moved by Sudak’s words, Liv heads over to have a heart-to-heart with Major. She’s realized that space can’t fix what’s broken in their relationship, and while she’ll always love him, she’s letting him go. Completely. Forever. Major, high on utopium, reacts pretty much how I would. He says OK and shuts the door on her. Liv is NOT ok with that, so she barges back in and tries to get him to engage, but he pushes her away again. These two have trouble being honest with each other about the big things (zombie-ness, being blackmailed into killing zombies), and they need to stop pushing people away “for their protection.”

Sad Major is Sad

Sad Major is Sad

Ravi is pissed that Major, spun out on sadness and utopium, let Minor escape out the back door and Major can barely muster a grunt. Don’t worry, Ravi finds Minor wandering around Seward Park, incidentally where Major abducted his real owner – one of those Rich People the FBI is so displeased to see disappearing. Major is chill about Ravi yelling at him, but the Seward Park info is a gut-punch.

Back on the case, Liv is convinced that Sudak isn’t the guy, and I believe her. Clive, though, realizes that the gun that was turned in was found right near Lacey’s home. The convenience store shooter was running from the cops, ditched the gun, and hid in her closet until she came home and found him. The beauty of a serialized episodic show is that I thought the convenience store murder would tie in with the season arc, but it actually was a nice twist to see it converge with our case of the week.

Major, still not doing great, hits up the bad part of town to score some U, where he runs into one of the kids he’d tried to help back when he was a social worker. Remember good Major? At that exact moment, “Rita” aka Gilda booty calls him. Major hates himself.

So what does he do? He shows up at Liv’s door and asks for her help! Yes! Huzzah! But then they kiss and I’m not sure that’s the best idea right now.

iZombie 204

Remember when I said David Anders was a national treasure? Let’s check in with Blaine and remind ourselves why he’s our favorite scenery-chewing ex-zombie.

Blaine is upset that two of his customers have gone missing. His mute blonde zombie sidekick “Chief” (Andre Tricoteux) tells him two isn’t that bad (via his phone). I like Chief. Also Scott E Don E (Bryce Hodgson) is back!

iZombie 204

He’s found Gabriel (Yani Gellman), the guy that cut the tainted utopium from the boat party. Trouble is, Gabriel is on the wagon hardcore.

iZombie 204

He’s all about the saving power of Jesus and he refuses to tell Blaine the recipe. So Blaine naturally abducts him and has Chief scratch him. Gabriel wakes up a zombie and Blaine teases him with his best impression of a fire and brimstone southern preacher. Praise tha Lawd!

iZombie 204

But that’s not all. Peyton has been trying to cut deals with a bunch of criminals to get one to flip on Stacey Boss as part of her job heading the Utopium Task Force. One of those criminals? Blaine. And he gives up a ton of info in exchange for immunity for all he crimes he’s admitting to by handing over said ton of info. There is so much chemistry between these two, though David Anders could have chemistry with box of staples so this isn’t surprising. I’m 100% on board for this potential romance. It will be greatterrible.

Next week: COACH LIV

Notable Quotables

  • “I’m gonna start walking. If all that meant yes, catch up.”
  • “No no. I’m not high fiving that. I wasn’t born yesterday.”
  • “Go ask if he has a candle that smells like hookers and burnt coffee.”
  • “That’s him. That’s Gabriel.” // “Does it have to be?”
  • “Yeah, OK, Jesus rose from the dead. That doesn’t make him a zombie if he doesn’t eat brains.”

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