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Many, many fans were worried about the future of their beloved Star Wars franchise when Disney bought Lucasfilm. So far, we’ve been impressed with the uptick of good content and merchandise churning out from the House of Mouse. However, the real moment of truth comes this December when the film itself comes to theaters. That, my friends, is when we find out whether or not our movies got…”Disney-fied.”

In a recent talk with Vanity Fair (video below), director J.J. Abrams sat down with Apple designer Jony Ive and Imagine Entertainment’s Brian Grazer where they got to talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There were some interesting details on the future of the franchise that surfaced in the conversation, but what struck a chord with us the most is that Abrams has control over the movie’s final cut, not the Disney overlords.

Say what??? That’s…unheard of right? Even Disney’s Marvel Entertainment doesn’t give that kind of power to the director. I’m extremely excited about this little bit of news, as if I wasn’t already friggin’ ecstatic. But if I see a single, out-of-control lens flare…so help me, Abrams, I will come over there and bop you upside that adorably curly head of yours. They got out of control in Star Trek Into Darkness.

That said, with Abrams having the final say in the films finished product that kind of guarantees that we’ll not receive a cheesy, too family-friendly, gag-me-with-a-spoon “Disney-fication,” right? Seems that way.

Source: SlashFilm

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