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Maisie Williams is way more like Arya Stark than anyone might have guessed. Much like the character that made her famous, Williams refuses to except the current norms of the system she finds herself a part of. What I mean by that is: no, she will not play the girlfriend.

In a recent interview with the Radio Times Williams commented on the state of entertainment industry and its rampant misogyny.

I didn’t realise when I was younger that women were written so badly, but going further into this career I realised there are a lot of really bad characters, that it’s not common to come across females who aren’t just ‘the girlfriend.”

Specifically, the young actress spoke about the discrepancy in character descriptions:

“When you get a script they always include a sentence or two about the character, something like: ‘Jason: 36, strong, built, quick, witty’ and a description of his personality…Then there’s a description of the girlfriend — ‘Sarah: hot, blonde.’ And that’s it! Hot-looking but in a cute way. That’s your character!”

Williams went on to say that she hopes to never have to play a character who is merely there to benefit a male lead. The sad truth is that she likely will if she hopes to continue working. But it’s good to hear that even young actresses like Williams already notice the problems and, more importantly, are willing to say something about it. Maybe her voice joining in with the growing number of feminist voices in the industry will lead to some actual change.

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