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For anyone who is not caught up on their Norse mythology “Raganarok”, that latter half of the title Thor: Ragnarok, is basically the apocalypse – certainly as far as Odin, Thor, and the rest of the pantheon of Norse/Germanic gods are concerned.  So it’s not exactly a surprise that Christopher Yost’s script for the upcoming MCU title is reportedly a shade darker than any of the previous films in the franchise.  So dark, in fact, that Marvel opted to hire a comedy director, Taika Waititi, to lighten things up and create at tone that’s a little closer to what Marvel movie fans have come to expect.

Now there are many rumors surrounding the film – not the least of which is that The Hulk will play a major role wherein he and the god of thunder find themselves on a cosmic road trip, which could certainly generate some of that humor we’ve come to expect of Marvel.  And, naturally, as this is a film based on the Norse end of the world, they’ll be encountering Valkyries, goddess-like warrior women, tasked with deciding who may live and die on the battlefield.  However, the latest rumor would suggest that Thor: Ragnarok may do more than simply include a generic band of Valkyries, but may actually introduce another marvel superheroine, Valkyrie!

Valkyrie, a.k.a. Brunhilde (one of the more famous Valkyries, whom any opera fans will know from Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen), was introduced in The Avengers #83 and eventually went on to become a member of a the superhero team known as The Defenders.  Not only was she of Asgardian birth, so was her Norse goddess arch-nemesis, Enchantress, who’s appearance in the previously mentioned Avengers story introduced Valkyrie to the Marvel universe.  Enchantress was also known to cause a lot of trouble for the title character of the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, so does that mean that both Valkyrie and Enchantress could be making their way onto the big screen?

While whether the movie features the actual superheroine Valkyrie, or simply a band of shield maidens remains unknown, one thing is certain – there’s gonna be some serious lady power happening here.  Of course we hope for actual named characters, who help drive the plot forward, have compelling backstories, and maybe have a conversation with each other, but we can at least take comfort in the fact that the third installment in the Thor series is likely to feature a much greater female presence on screen than we’ve seen in many of the previous Marvel titles.

Here’s hoping that as rumors persist until Thor: Ragarok‘s release in 2017, that they may also continue to suggest that this film might just pass the Bechdel Test.

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