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Jakks Pacific Star Wars Big Fig Series 2…Still no Rey, though.

UPDATE October 8th 1:00AM EST: While Jakks Pacific has yet to announce a Big Fig Rey action figure, Hasbro has showcased their 12″ Epic Heroes Rey figure at the New York Comic Con Pre-Party.

#ForceFriday made a bigger impact than many retailers and toy companies had anticipated, but now a month later, we’re finally seeing not only more of the initial wave of toys and merchandise based on Star Wars The Force Awakens, but new reveals of even more action figures and collectibles set to hit shelves between now and the theatrical debut of the seventh Episode of the Star Wars saga.

The latest reveal came today from MTV, who debuted Series Two of the 19″ Big Fig toys made by Jakks Pacific. Soon to be joining Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma and the First Order Stormtrooper (all available now, if you can find them) are Finn, a First Order Snowtrooper, and two versions of the First Order Tie Fighter Pilot, one standard and one with red Officer markings adorning the uniform.  But there’s one (presumably) major character who has yet to be included in Jakks‘ action figure line– Rey.

All signs point to Rey being one of the main heroes– if not THE main hero– of The Force Awakens, so it’s definitely a bummer that, two waves in, there is still no sign of her in this collection.  Credit where credit is due, Jakks did release Captain Phasma in their first wave of figures, but I do hope she doesn’t turn out to be the solitary female character they release.  It is certainly possible there are still plans for Rey in a third series of figures… Jakks‘ Director of Marketing, Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich, has a reputation for pacing out the main characters in a collection, to extend the appeal of the toy line (a strategy he employed for both the DC Universe and Masters of the Universe Classics toy lines when he was with Mattel).  But the Big Fig collection, like Hasbro‘s 12″ Star Wars toys, are aimed at a younger core audience, and products aimed at this target market still tend to ignore female characters more often than collector-oriented lines like Star Wars: The Black Series (who– yes– did cancel a Princess Leia figure earlier this year… before eventually slating her as a Wal-Mart exclusive coming this Fall).

I doubt I’m alone in rooting for Jakks to bring Rey to their Big Fig line in a third wave.  I love their Captain Phasma figure, I’m tempted by Kylo Ren each time I walk down the toy aisle at Target, and Finn looks to be another fantastic sculpt.  But being assured that the main cast will be completed in this scale with the release of Rey would go a long way in motivating me to really support this series.

In the meantime, you can see more hi res photos of Finn, the Snowtrooper, and the Tie Fighter Pilots over at MTV.

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