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Ezra training continues as he tries to lift Chopper with the force while Rex and Zeb play a game on board the Ghost. Kanan gets a bit impatient and Rex offers a quick jab at the issue being that the he can’t train in something he hasn’t mastered, discipline. Kanan then suggests Rex, train Ezra and the old commander offers to teach him militarized discipline which leads to bickering.


Hera comes in to assign Sabine, Zeb, Chopper and Ezra to search an old clone wars base for medical supplies. Ezra is glad to getaway from the older guys arguing over his education and along with his friends heads to to the pretty abandoned and creepy base. While there, Sabine hears strange noises and along with Ezra find the command center while Chopper bumps into a probe droid that sends a message to our enemies.

On the Imperial ship Callus notices a signal go off from the Clone Wars base and the eerie Fifth Brother, a new inquisitor, senses that what they’re looking for is there. Callus makes fun of his feeling one of those ‘disturbances’.

Our crew tries to find the supplies and while making a game of it hurt themselves. Sabine plays big sis at their silliness. Meanwhile, Chopper notices some strange activity. The abandoned halls get pretty creepy and when Chopper gets attacked by a probe droid they’re lured right into the grasp pf the Seventh sister (Aw yeah! Sarah Michelle Gellar!).

Ezra draws his lightsaber while his friends make a break for it. They then run right into the Fifth brother. Turns out they’re both competing for the bounty. The Seventh sister compliments Ezra’s potential and says she’d train him if he went all dark side. Even with Ezra sticking to the light side, aware of the mark on him, the seventh sister reveals she has no plans to kill him yet. Totally gives off the foreboding vibe that she isn’t going to give up on his potential to become one of them.

The Fifth brother captures Sabine while Zeb gets away and seeks a solution to help his friends without compromising the crew of the Ghost. Which is useful seeing as the Seventh sister relentlessly tries to trick Ezra into revealing where the the Jedi of old are, specifically Ahsoka Tano. She tries to manipulate Ezra and Sabine into bringing more rebels. Zeb calls in as a fake name, Sabine attempts to not call for help but as soon as a lightsaber gets put to her neck Ezra breaks and asks to have Kanan and Ahsoka come for them. Zeb embeds a message in his response and as they walk out to the docking bay, notice Zeb hiding in the ship.

Before the sibling inquisitors could react, they hop on board. Ezra uses the force to resist their dark side grips while Sabine shoots at them to distract for long enough that they could escape. They’re very lucky they do, but once back on the Ghost reveal to Kanan, Hera and Rex that there are more inquisitors out there and they’re out for Jedi blood.

Things are getting so real. I mean how dark can this show get? Will we see the end of the Jedi as Yoda knows it in Empire? We’ll find out next week!

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