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Unless you’ve been living in total isolation, or perhaps work in a particularly stodgy office, chances are you’ve had someone recommend Steven Universe to you.  Assuming you don’t already watch it.  The Cartoon Network show created by Rebecca Sugar, the first woman to independently create a series for the network, follows the antics of Steven, the half-human son of the late leader of the Crystal Gems, a group of alien “magical girls” so to speak, as he learns to utilize the powers he inherited from his mother with the help of her former teammates.

Yet despite the fact that the show has been incredibly successful amongst fans and critics alike, and has been on the air for almost two years (it premiered in November of 2013), it never quite received the merchandising attention it deserved.  Thankfully, that is about to change!

Animation Magazine reports that Cartoon Network has signed on five new partners, Funko, Just Toys International, PhatMojo, Toy Factory and Zag Toys to create product lines based on the series – some of them before the holidays!  We can expect to see Hot Topic exclusive Funko Pop! vinyl figures of Steven and the Gems (Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl) at your local mall just in time to be wrapped up and gifted to the Gem enthusiast in your life – and if those are all sold out, you can always check specialty retailers for a variety of blind bag novelty products from Just Toys, including dog tags, fun packs, minis, and 3D backpack hangers.

By spring of 2016 we can expect another influx of Steven Universe products including an assortment of plushes and foam/plush weapons from PhatMojo, and collectible mini figures and bobble heads from Zag Toys.  In 2017, Toy Factory plans to launch yet another line of plushes and novelty items.

By 2017, I am going to need a second job to finance my Steven Universe habit.

Even if you’re not a Steven Universe fan, this foray into world of merchandise is a major step for Cartoon Network, demonstrating their faith in the continued success of this weird, wonderful show, which was not only created by a woman, but also features a primarily female cast.  Here’s to many more years of Gem adventures and the hope that my dreams of cuddling a Lion plushie are about to become a reality.

Source: Animation Magazine

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