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This week’s episode of The Originals opens in ancient times, where Klaus is narrating about the time he met Lucien and how it was a good time for his family. Lucien approaches and asks him to take a love note to the Lady Aurora. Lucien says he wants to leave the area with her, but Klaus tells him he can’t leave, because he needs to stay to further aid the Mikaelsons. Lucien tells Klaus that they can’t stay there much longer anyway, because they will be found out. We then see that Klaus was already having an affair with Aurora, and that the affair is the real reason that Klaus did not want to take Aurora the note. Lucien walks in on them and becomes furious with Klaus over the betrayal. After Klaus leaves, Tristan walks in and sees Lucien with Aurora. He assumes that Aurora is having an affair with Tristan and orders the guards to take him away. We are then taken to the present where Elijah and Klaus are discussing the prophecy about their family(in case you missed it last week, they will all be taken down, one by friend, one by foe, and one by family). Klaus points out that Lucien counts as both friend and foe, so he must be part of the prophecy. Elijah reminds Klaus that family was also part of the prophecy. Elijah then makes it very clear that he feels that Klaus will be the family member who betrays another. He also wants to know the real reason as to why Lucien is there. Elijah says that he and Klaus will have to work together to find out what Lucien’s endgame is. Klaus asks if that means that Elijah has actually forgiven him. Elijah says that he hasn’t, but that he can put it aside for now in order to get to the bottom of their mutual problem.


Cut to Lucien’s apartment where the detective shows up to question him. Then we see Camille and Vincent talking about the victims of the murders. The detective calls Vincent and asks him to come to the station. Camille says that she will join him and they head out together.

Next we see some musicians playing jazz in the streets. Hayley pokes her head out of the window and yells at them for waking Hope. Hope is very – VERY- not pleased that her nap was disturbed. Jackson comes in and asks if she’s ok. He tells Hayley that they just have to get used to their new surroundings. She reminds him that everything for her is heightened since she is a hybrid. Jackson decides that what she needs is a night on the town, so he calls Freya to come babysit.


Meanwhile, Marcel is talking to his crew about the murders. He warns them about feeding on live humans since the murders are bringing too much attention to the square. He tells them that they just need to lay low for a while until everything blows over. A mystery woman then enters and tells him that he’s wrong, and that everything is going to get worse before it gets better, but that she can help. Marcel tells her that she has walked into the wrong place. She introduces herself as Aiyah, and lets Marcel know that she is already aware of who he is. His vampires try to escort her out, but she dispatches them quickly. She tells Marcel that she was instructed not to leave without making him an offer, and asks him if he is going to listen to the offer or not. Marcel vamps out and goes on the attack. Before we are able to see the results, though, we are cut to Klaus and Elijah walking into Lucien’s apartment. The psychic lets them know that they missed Lucien, because the detective has taken him to the police station. Elijah and Klaus decide to wait for him there.


We then see Lucien being interrogated by the detective while Vincent and Camille watch. Lucien says that he knows that Camille is behind the glass watching, and compels the detective to let him talk to her.

Next we see Jackson and Hayley going to the gym that Marcel set up. Jackson says that maybe sparring will help her feel better. He antagonizes her until she finally decides to play along.

We are taken back to the police station where Camille goes in to speak to Lucien. Lucien admits that he’s a ruthless killer, but states that he had nothing to do with the recent murders. He also tells Camille that he and her are the same as they both have been caught up in Mikaelson family drama, and somehow made it out alive, but not without scars. Then we see a flashback of Lucien getting whipped for having the affair with Aurora(even though it wasn’t him, it was Klaus). Klaus walks in and tries to convince Tristan to stop. Tristen says that he knows what the Mikaelson’s are, and that he can tell they are afraid and running. Klaus wants to kill Tristan, but before he is able, Tristan informs Klaus that if anything happens to him, he’s instructed his servants to spread the news of what monsters the Mikaelsons really are. Tristen then proceeds to cut Lucien’s mouth in the Joker-esque way that the murder victims have been cut. In present day, Camille tries to make the point that the murders she thinks Lucien is committing are just his way of reenacting the horror that befell him that day at the hands of Tristan. The victims themselves are mirrors of Tristan, and the manner in which they have been killed is reminiscent to the torture that he endured. Lucien, however, says that the murders are clearly done by someone who is trying to make him look guilty, and therefore make Klaus not trust him. He says that his enemies will do what it takes to raise Klaus’s distrust, so that he can’t protect Klaus.


Marcel and Aiyah are still fighting and Aiyah is unloading an entire can of whoop-ass. She tells him that since he’s clearly not going to listen to her, that she will take him to somewhere more appropriate. She cuts his cheek, which apparently poisons him, as he stumbles and falls unconscious.

Meanwhile, back at Lucien’s apartment, Klaus and Elijah ask the psychic to show them what is in store for Elijah. They both feed on her and see Lucien with Marcel and also with Camille. They wonder where both Marcel and Camille fit into the prophecy. With the psychic either dead or passed out(can’t tell which… either way CLEARLY they ate too much), Klaus exits and tells Elijah that he’s going to stop Lucien before he can sink his teeth into his therapist(meaning Camille).

At the gym, Jackson and Hayley are still sparring. She opens up to Jackson about what has really been bothering her. She’s still extremely angry with Klaus. She also is afraid that if Davina blows out her candle that they could go back to being a wolf immediately. She is worried about what the consequences of that would be if she’s near Hope. Hayley also tells Jackson that every second of every day she just wants to rip everything apart. Jackson tells her to get it all out in the sparring session. She whacks him hard causing his cheek to bleed. She starts to vamp out and tells him that he should leave. He says he’s not scared and not going anywhere. She begins to feed on him and then they have sex… in the gym… that can’t be sanitary.

Elijah asks the Josh what happened at Marcel’s place. Josh explains about the woman and the absolute reckoning that she brought with her. Elijah sees the card that Aiyah left. Elijah asks what her name was, and when Josh tells him Aiyah, Elijah informs Josh that he sired her.

Camille wants to know why Lucien wanted to speak to her. Lucien says that he needs Klaus to trust him and she can help him get that trust. We get another flashback showing Klaus taking care of Lucien after his ordeal with Tristan. Lucien stabs Klaus out of anger. Lucien then cuts his own hand… getting Klaus’s blood into his system. This healed his wounds. At the time, this makes Lucien think that he’s like Klaus, and that he is immortal. Of course he isn’t… yet… but again… he doesn’t know that. Lucien goes to Tristan to get his revenge, but is stabbed in the back by a guard and killed. Since he still had Klaus’s blood in his system, he became the first sired vampire. Back in present day, Lucien tells Camille and Vincent that he has nothing to gain from the murders, but that his enemies do. Klaus enters and immediately rants at Camille for consorting with Lucien. Klaus says that anything that Lucien has said is a lie. Lucien says that Tristan is the one committing the murders.


Aiyah wakes Marcel and gives him a blood bag. She tells Marcel that she and her friends want to help him return New Orleans to what it was, and with Marcel as its ruler. She says she’s part of the oldest society of vampires on Earth. Elijah enters and attacks her, and Tristan along with several other vampires come out and surround him. Tristan instructs all of the other vampires to leave so that he and Elijah can talk. Tristan then gives Elijah the same warning about his sire line that Lucien gave to Klaus.


Meanwhile, Lucien is still trying to convince Klaus that his intentions are true. Klaus tells him that he doesn’t need protection, but Lucien informs him that there are others around him that do need protecting. The detective walks in and says there’s been another murder since Lucien has been locked up. This means that it couldn’t have been him, and Lucien is set free.

We are cut back to Elijah and Tristan, who is trying to paint Lucien as the bad guy in all of this. Tristan is saying that Lucien is the one looking to wipe out a sire line by killing the original, not him. He also says that Lucien has a weapon that can kill an original(I am assuming a white oak stake, but who knows), and that Lucien cannot be killed until they find it. He says that if they don’t find the weapon first, that it will be lost until some other assassin finds it, and then uses it on Elijah.

Camille and Klaus are talking about Lucien and whether or not they should kill him. We are taken back to when Elijah and Klaus were burying Lucien. They figure out that their blood can heal the living, but not the dead. Klaus is just about to light the funeral pyre when Lucien wakes up. Camille, upon realizing that Lucien was the first of Klaus’s sire line, tells him that he needs to find a way other than killing him. Klaus lets her know that he appreciates the way she keeps trying to keep him from making a mistake, and then he disappears.


Elijah finds Klaus stalking Lucien, and Elijah tells Klaus that he has new information and that Klaus should not kill Lucien. Klaus is about to walk off and do it anyway, when Elijah tells him that if he wants any hope of reconciliation between them, he needs to listen. We are then taken to another flashback and see Lucien with his first kill. Klaus tells him that what he’s done has been too much and that they will now have to leave. Lucien seems eager to learn from Klaus everything there is to know about vampirism. In present day, Elijah and Klaus are discussing how Lucien and Klaus brought out the worst in each other. Klaus laments not killing him after that first kill. Elijah tells Klaus that as soon as they get their hands on Lucien’s weapon, that they will end both Lucien and Tristan. Klaus lets Elijah know that he is glad to hear the word “we” again. Elijah tells him that it is not forgiveness, but merely necessity that is bringing him to Klaus. We then get… FINALLY… a nice, sincere moment from Klaus. (cue the freaking parade)Klaus says that Elijah will never fall by his hand. Elijah then just walks out. Klaus is obviously hurt by Elijah’s shrugging him off.

We then see a clearly upset Marcel and Josh cleaning up the mess made by Aiyah.

Camille and Vincent are still trying to figure out who the killer is. If Lucien is not the perpetrator, they want to know what they are dealing with.

We see Tristan at a new murder scene, and I have to admit.. he looks suspicious as Hell.

Back at the monastery, Aurora has killed all the monks, and is on her way to New Orleans. She is definitely a ripper. And crazy. Like… batshit crazy.


All in all this episode was full of juicy backstory and awesome drama. I can’t wait to see Aurora in action. It’s definitely getting good, folks!

The Originals airs on Thursday nights at 9PM ET.

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