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First of all, I just want to take a moment to say how excited I am that it is finally time for Fall shows to start back up. The cliffhangers last season were just too much. In case you’ve forgotten, last season The Originals left us with: Hayley cursed to stay in wolf form except for the full moon, Freya is free, Dahlia was defeated, Esther is now perma-dead, Rebekah took back her human/witch form, and everyone is pissed at Klaus (shocker, I know).

The show starts with a flashback to the early days, and a voice over by Klaus. He speaks of how the Mikaelson siblings first dealt with vampirism. We see the siblings feeding as a family while they are on the run from their father, Mikael. Then, Kol suggests that maybe they should split up, since they may be able to lay lower that way. While Finn agrees, Elijah reminds them that they made a vow, “family above all.” Jump to present day where Klaus is clearly upset and staring at a painting when he says “always and forever indeed.”


We then get a scene with Freya writing a letter to Rebekah about all that has happened. We hear the voice over of what she is writing while we see the events happening. She lets Rebekah know that Klaus and Elijah are still fighting over Hayley’s current situation, of which neither have been able to find a cure. They have tried to reach out to the witches, but Davina’s anger towards Klaus is still so great that she refuses to help (jeebus, get over it already, would you?). We also find out, though, that Klaus kept his promise to Marcel to control the quarter. Marcel used this opportunity to start a fighting ring. Elijah apparently frequents the fighting ring and uses it as an outlet to let off steam. Klaus is seeing Camilla for psychological help, but Freya is convinced that it isn’t because Klaus truly wants to change, and that there are other reasons for the chats. Freya ends the letter by asking Rebekah for any advice that she can give on helping the brothers to fix their broken bond. She clenches the letter in her hands, says a prayer, and then the letter disappears.

Next we see Camilla in a room with Klaus and a bunch of his paintings. Klaus informs her that since he is no longer on the run from his father, that he is now free to share his artwork with the world. He asks her to come to his art show the next day. Camilla tells him that she only wants a professional relationship with him, and then starts to leave. After a few steps she has a realization and turns to Klaus. She tells him that she realizes that he has asked her because he is afraid that no one is going to show up. She basically tells him that it’s his own fault for being a jerk to everyone he knows, that he should contemplate his life choices, and then takes her exit.

As Camille is leaving, Vince calls her to ask her to come and give her professional opinion on a murder that has just been discovered. When she arrives, she sees that the body has been strung up like a marionette and the mouth has been cut open (very much the way the Black Dahlia’s was). Camille says that whoever the murder is took their time, and that the ropes were there for aesthetic reasons only. The victim was apparently compelled to stand their while the murder killed him. She also states that the type of mentality that would cause someone to murder in this style is the type of person who will do it again.


Cut to Klaus, Elijah, and Freya what are playing with Hope (who is absolutely freaking ADORABLE btw). Because Klaus and Elijah can’t be in the same room together for more than a minute without being asses to each other, they start fighting over the fact that Hayley still has no cure. Freya reminds them that if they are going to fight, that they shouldn’t do it in front of the baby, and so they both calm down… for now.

The flashback starts again as we see the siblings fighting (always with the fighting) about whether to split up, or stick together again. Kol and Finn fear that they are causing too much of a spectacle by always killing several people at a time, since they all need to feed. All of them just want to live normal lives, but they aren’t sure what the best course of action is to go about doing that. They decide to take the identities of the family that they just killed. Then, suddenly, they find a survivor from their most recent attack hiding from them. The survivor tells them that he can help them to blend in. He says that he knows details about the family that they are wishing to imitate and that he could be useful to them. Rebekah (can I take a moment to say how much I LOVE Claire Holt?) wants to “keep him” but Elijah reminds her that they had decided not to allow anyone who live who had seen what they really are.

IMG_0281 (1)

Back in present day we see who seems to be a new player talking to a real estate agent about buying a new place in New Orleans. The real estate agent tells him that he will not find a better place than the one they are currently in. He then kills her… because you know… of course he’s a vampire. It was actually at this moment I realized that the new vampire in question was the survivor that the siblings were deciding whether or not to let live in the flashback… I guess we know how that argument ended up now.


We then are cut to Davina who is instructing the coven to not expand so that they may avoid a war with the vampires. A random witch in the crowd starts to talk away. Davina let’s her know that she hasn’t been dismissed yet, and in retaliation the witch casts a spell on Davina which hurts her hands and surrounds her with a ring of fire (and yes… I may have gotten the song stuck in my head when I saw it.. “Davina got caught in a burning ring of fire” heh).


Meanwhile, Vince, Camille, and Marcel are discussing the marionette murder. Marcel says that it couldn’t have been one of his, because his guys wouldn’t leave someone in the streets that way. He instead, of course, implies that it’s Klaus. A quick cut takes us to Klaus’s art show, where critics have very little good to say about his work. Our new mystery vampire enters and almost immediately starts to antagonize Klaus.

Now we see Elijah in the swamps with Hope. He is preparing a meal for Hayley when she comes out of wolf form. A few mercenary looking guys with massive automatic weapons walk up to him and tell him that he’s trespassing. Elijah asks him why he is trespassing and they refuse to tell him who they are working for. Elijah realizes the situation that he is in, and kills them.

The flashback starts again and we see the survivor giving them tips on how to convince the ruler of the land that they are who they say they are. With his help, the ruse works. While safely mingling at the party, Klaus and the survivor (whose name we learn is Lucien) are talking. Lucien voices his frustrations as to how he is treated by his masters. As they are talking, a beautiful woman and her brother walk in. Klaus is immediately taken by her. Lucien warns him that she (Aurora) and her brother are both people who shouldn’t be messed with. In present day, Klaus and Lucien are talking and having drinks much the way they were in the flashback. Klaus asks about Aurora (who apparently was also turned into a vampire), and Lucien informs him that he separated from her, and has not seen her. We are definitely led to believe that Lucien ended up having a relationship with her. Camille then comes in and tells Klaus about the marionette murder. Klaus dismisses her and tells her to ask Marcel or Elijah about it.


Freya, who is enjoying her night off from babysitting, gets a call from Elijah asking her to put off her night out so that he can take care of an errand. She agrees and we are immediately cut back to Klaus and Lucien. Klaus asks him why he is really there. Lucien informs him that every vampire in existence knows that Klaus has been attacked. They also know that if he dies his entire bloodline dies. Lucien also tells Klaus of a war that has started between the 3 remaining bloodlines and that some feel that if they take out the two rival original vampires, that all of the competing vamps will also be taken out. He urges Klaus to come with him, as he has something that Klaus needs to see.

Marcel is at the ring when Davina comes in to see him. She tells him about the incident with the insubordinate witch, and that she fears that the witches are revolting. Marcel tells her that the target on her back comes with the job and then tries to convince her to fight fire with fire in order to put them in their place.

We are then taken to Freya arriving in the swamp to help Elijah with Hope so that he may run his errand. Elijah goes deep into the woods and comes across a bear trap. He’s approached by more men with guns and takes them out in pure Elijah style… without so much as wrinkling his tie. Damn he’s smooth.

Klaus and Lucien arrive at Lucien’s apartment, where he is hosting a party. Vampires are feeding on humans everywhere. He takes Klaus into his bedroom and introduced him to a psychic. She instructs Klaus to feed on her, as it will allow him to enter her mind. Klaus is shown a vision of his family falling apart and is warned of a beast coming. Before Klaus can find out exactly what is coming for him, he backs away.


Back in the woods, Elijah is still fighting off mercenaries when a naked girl joins the fight and kills the last one standing. Elijah asks her if she knows here Hayley is, and she tells him that by the number of traps and the amount of blood that she has seen, she assumes that Hayley is probably dead.

A very quick cut shows us Camille and Marcell who are discussing who could have committed the murder when the police inspector calls and tells her it has happened again, and asks for her assistance.

We are then taken back to Klaus and Lucien who are fighting. Klaus says he’s not under any threat, and Lucien tells him that he’s wrong. Lucien says he has made many rivals and they’d all love to kill Klaus just to take him out. Lucien tells Klaus that he is the only one that Klaus can trust, but Klaus… in true Klaus fashion… tells him that he doesn’t need anyone.

Back to Elijah who comes across a truck full of dead wolves. He’s clearly worried that one might be Hayley.


Meanwhile, at Marcel’s boxing ring, Vince and Marcel sparring. Marcel is not holding back, despite Vince being a human. Vince says that even if it wasn’t one of Marcel’s vamps who are committing the murders, it’s still his problem. Marcel retorts with instructing Vince to help Davina.

We are then immediately taken to Davina, who apparently has taken Hayley captive. Hayley asks her why she is there and why Davina has put a binding spell on her. Davina says that she needs something from Hayley.

At Camille’s, we see Klaus come in wanting to chat with her. He is clearing wanting to talk to her about everything that has transpired that night in regards to Lucien. He tells her that he has brought her a present. Camille, however, being ever the one to overreact and fly into full on bitch mode, does just that. She tells Klaus that she won’t listen to him, and so he leaves. She sees that the gift he brought was a painting of the bar where they met, and she feels like an ass (good… cause she deserves it). Obviously pissed off and hurt, Klaus finds the critic that earlier talked bad about his painting, and we see the shadow of Klaus ripping his limbs off. Sometimes I can’t even be upset when Klaus acts out like this. Even when he tries to do the right thing, people refuse to give him a chance.


We are then brought to Lucien’s apartment where he is looking at himself in the mirror. He picks up a razor and cuts his mouth in the same manner as the murder victims. Clearly he is our murderer.. and also batshit crazy.

The final scene takes us to a monastery somewhere in Asia. A monk walks in and hands a letter to Aurora, who had been sitting and meditating. We can see in her face that she doesn’t like what she reads and in her rage kills the monk. All she says is, “it won’t be long now,” and then we are cut to our familiar end title.


All in all it was a very solid season opener. We have some new players on the field, and some new conflicts to carry us through the season. I, however, will always complain about a lack of Rebekah when there is one… because.. come on.. Claire Holt reasons.

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