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It’s Halloween and the French Quarter is getting ready! This week’s The Originals begins with Marcel running through the Quarter. He eventually makes his way back home to find a suit, mask, and cufflinks waiting for him. Tristan calls him and invites Marcel to an event that evening being put on by the Strix. Tristan informs Marcel that joining the Strix would give him access to a network that reaches around the entire world, instead of Marcel’s current meager reach of only New Orleans.


We are then cut to Elijah working out at Marcel’s gym. Hayley walks in and tells Elijah that he’s received an invitation, too. She grills him about what’s going on and lets him know that she’s not pleased with not knowing everything going on around her.


Freya is practicing yoga when Klaus comes in and tells her that he wants to know what’s going on in his house at all times. Freya has been letting strange men in, and since there have been threats to the family, this greatly displeases Klaus. Hayley and Elijah walk in and Hayley lets Klaus know that she’s not happy about being kept out of the loop. Klaus tells her about the prophecy. Hayley says that she wants to meet the psychic witch that told the prophecy so she can find out what hers and possibly Hayley’s parts are in the whole thing.

Later that evening, a massive Halloween party is happening in a bar. Klaus walks in and finds Lucien sitting in a booth. Klaus tells Lucien that he wants to see the psychic again, and Lucien agrees. They arrive at Lucien’s apartment where the witch seems to have disappeared. Lucien, in a very concerned voice, lets Klaus know that if she’s gone, that means something is very, very wrong. Klaus calls Freya and asks her to assist in finding the witch. She agrees and begins her journey to Lucien’s.

We then see a sweet moment between Hayley and Elijah(I still ship them.. I’ll admit it with no regrets). She’s looking for a dress to wear to the Strix event. Elijah lets her know that they will be walking into the most dangerous congregation of vampires the world has ever known (DUN DUN DUUUUUN).


The Strix event itself looks like the vampire version of one of the parties from Eyes Wide Shut. Instead of sex though, there are vampires feeding on humans. With everyone staring at Elijah, it doesn’t take Hayley long to realize that these vampires are all from his sire line. Elijah tells her that he abandoned the line once he realized that he sired an entire line of egomaniacal psychopaths. Elsewhere in the party, Aiyah is doing her best to convince Marcel to join the Strix.


Freya finally arrives at Lucien’s apartment and she begins the locator spell. The spell tells them that the psychic is at the Strix event. Lucien is concerned about how they are going to get into the fortress, but Klaus says he has a plan.

Back at the party, Marcel sees that Elijah and Hayley are there, and vice versa. It’s then that Elijah realizes that they aren’t at a party, but an initiation. Then, Tristan makes his entrance. Tristan announces that Marcel is going to need to proof his worth. He informs Marcel that someone has taken Marcel’s daylight ring. Marcel is going to have to find who took the ring and retrieve it before dawn. Clearly this isn’t going to be easy. Tristan introduces himself to Hayley, but she is not amused. She sees him as a bully, and lets him know as much. Tristan takes her onto the dance floor in an attempt to win her over and to talk to her. Elijah lets Marcel know that he will assist him in his task if he needs it. Marcel says he doesn’t need any help, and excuses himself to go after Aiyah. She tells him know that she doesn’t have his ring, but that she hopes he finds it.


It’s at this moment that seemingly drunk Klaus, Lucien, and Freya bust in. Freya finds the psychic and lets her know that she’s saved. The psychic says that she doesn’t want to be saved, and that  the prophecy ends  with Klaus being killed, and all of his sire line dying. She also informs Freya that she knows exactly how it is going to happen. Freya tells the psychic that she’s not requesting that she leave, but that it’s an order. However, the psychic was already one step ahead. The psychic stops Freya with magic and then kisses her to see Freya’s part of the prophecy. We see Freya being buried alive. The psychic lets her know that she is going to be buried by family. Freya then punches the smug witch out and takes her.

Notice how every girl Klaus has gone for looks just like Caroline?

Notice how every girl Klaus has gone for looks just like Caroline?

Cut back to drunk Klaus and Lucien being bantered to by Tristan. Elijah steps in and asks them to leave. Klaus announced that he used to be hurt that he was never invited to join the Strix, but then tells them… in my favorite moment of the episode… that he now realizes that he was never flexible enough to join, since he can’t get his head up his own ass. Klaus then takes his leave.

Aiyah then tells Marcel that he’s wanted elsewhere. Marcel realizes that it’s the end of his time to find the ring. Even though Marcel technically has an hour left, Tristan informs him that improvisation is one of the most important skills someone can have. Marcel figures out that Aiyah took his ring, but gave it to Mohinder (a total vampire badass) and then tries to retrieve the ring. The fight is pretty epic. Marcel more or less gets bounced around like a rag doll. Mohinder bites Marcel, and that’s when the fight ends. Marcel informs him that he, courtesy of Hayley, has a werewolf bite and that since Mohinder just fed on him, Mohinder will die soon. Tristan lets Marcel know he passed the test and that he is now welcome in the Strix. Marcel goes to Klaus for his blood, but at first Klaus questions Marcel’s loyalty. Marcel tells Klaus know that whoever comes for Klaus also comes for him. Therefore, his loyalty lies with Klaus if for no other reason but self preservation.


We then see Elijah and Hayley both drink from the psychic in hopes to see their parts of the prophecy. Something, however, is wrong and the witch collapses. They quickly surmise that the witch had been poisoned.


The next day, Elijah and Tristan are talking. Tristan is doing the same old “Lucien is the guilty one” song and dance. Elijah lets Tristan know that he is no more convincing than Lucien. Elijah wants proof that Tristan’s intentions are completely pure. We are then cut to Hayley and Elijah talking. Elijah informs Hayley that Tristan is psychopathically devoted to his sister, Aurora. At this moment we see Aurora walking through the streets of New Orleans. She throws away a glass vial. We then get a quick flashback of Aurora, the previous evening, pouring poison from that same vial into the psychic’s glass. She’s in New Orleans, and we aren’t sure who knows it.


In my opinion this was the best episode of the season so far. I am so ridiculously excited that Aurora is finally on the playing field I can’t control my hype. She seems so deliciously psychotic and I really think that she is going to make this season the most interesting yet.

The Originals airs on The CW Thursday nights at 9PM ET.

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