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This week I take a look at what is going on in this in between phase as we wait for the much anticipated fall lineup of comics. DC Comics has put out a lot of annuals lately and Marvel Comics seems to be in a holding pattern as Secret Wars winds down.   I also wanted to ask a question of those who read this, which DC Comics storyline is better at the moment, Superman (Truth) or Batman (Superheavy)? I am a die hard Bat-fan but I have to say I really love what they are doing with Superman these days. What do you think? Let me know on Twitter or in the comment section.


First up we take a look at New Suicide Squad Annual #1. Since issue 10 Task Force X has been infiltrating a splinter group of the League of Assassins and it has been a great story. I was expecting big action and great stuff from this annual as they wrapped up the story. I wish I had been given what I wanted. It was good but felt a bit rushed in the end. Writer Sean Ryan has had me begging for more this entire arc and I really was looking forward to the pay off. Maybe they just ran out of space or they were told to wrap up early but I felt like they could have done more with this story. The art by Philippe Briones is as good as always and feels well balanced with all the chaos that this story has. I am not saying that I was dissatisfied with the ending but I just felt like it was a bit short. All in all there is no reason not to get this if you have been following the story and if you haven’t then look for the next issue to start a new story arc.


Next we have the DC Comics bromance that is Grayson Annual #2. I don’t know where to begin with this one. I should say that I enjoyed it but I also kept shaking my head as I read it. It had such a funky feel that made me wonder why writers Tim Seeley and Tom King decided that this was what he wanted to do to kill pages. It felt like a recap as can be seen from the page I included. It was fun to see how a weak Superman and a self-doubting Dick Grayson faired as a team. I would honestly enjoy seeing them team up more after this. I was not sold on this making sense but it is a comic book, so when does it have to make sense? I did enjoy the appearance of The Fist of Cain but that is more of a personal favorite than anything else. That brings me to the art by Alvaro Martinez. It was a solid action filled comic that could have been carried on the art. Overall it was what I expect from an Annual, a filler story that is a bit longer than usual. It is worth a read if you enjoy either Grayson or the current Superman story.


Finally we have yet another entry into Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary series. The Cavalry #1 feels like a running joke that has gone on too long. I enjoy Melinda May and I enjoy a good S.H.I.E.L.D. story but the ongoing tall tale spinning around the nickname “The Cavalry” along with reinforcing her vulnerability has been done to death in the television show and feels like an old meme that just won’t go away. The story is a trope stolen from dozens of action movies and I really never could figure out where the robot wolves came from but that doesn’t really matter. Writer Jody House told a good version of a story that has been seen dozens of time before and her characterizations were good. Artist Luke Ross did a solid job with action and there is nothing to complain about on his end. It was a good short story that could have been better with a bit of creativity or less of a clichéd ending. If you enjoy the show you should check this one out. I hope this leads to something fun with the robot wolves.

I am sorry that I was a bit of a downer this week but you can’t win them all. I always look forward new comics and when we are in a holding pattern like we are at the moment I get a bit bored with the filler. Soon we will have a lot of exciting stuff to look at and I am super eager to get into it. As always, go read something.

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