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It’s been six years since Zach Snyder’s feature film adaptation of Alan Moore’s seminal masterpiece, Watchmen. Moore, ever the absentee father of adaptations of his work, has always vowed to distance his name from film/TV based on his comics. However, he may be grumpier than ever to discover that now HBO is considering development on a series based on the Watchmen comics.

Zack Snyder is currently in meetings with HBO, but his direct capacity in the project is unknown. Seeing as Snyder is in heavy-duty post-production on Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and set to start work very quickly thereafter on Justice League, it is unlikely he might have any more input than as a producer.

If picked up, it is unclear what direction the series might take: whether it be a prequel, a sequel, or an all new, serialized adaptation of the original story. Considering the 2012 limited series Before Watchmen, a prequel series seems the likeliest candidate.

However, it’s also possible this all blows over rather quickly. There have only been initial meetings on the series and could very easily fall apart. It’s my hope that they do. Alan Moore’s Watchmen was a very specific story making a very specific point. It never needed to be expanded upon nor elaborated on. Zack Snyder’s film adaptation is the closest we’ll ever get (or honestly, deserve) to Moore’s original vision.

Does anyone agree?

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