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Surprise, surprise, the trolls are at it again. After Anna Paquin wore a beautiful floral dress to The Good Dinosaur premiere that was, oh whoops, not form fitting or curve hugging or skin tight or whatever, the Internet’s less likable underbelly surfaced to make disparaging comments about her weight.  The actress had none of it, tweeting about the trolls and taking them down.

How great would it be to attend a function in a perfectly lovely dress, or for that matter, a less than lovely one, and not have to deal with hordes of strangers debating your pregnancy status and the healthiness of your complexion? Apparently, too great for us to hope for. At least Paquin was able to address the insults, but it would be nice for actresses, heck, for any woman, to step out without being physically judged.

Paquin voices Ramsey, one of the T-rexes in the film, which comes out November 25, 2015.


(via The Mary Sue)

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